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Quotes About His Kisses

His kisses fade to nuzzle along my face and neck, soft and poignant. "Al," he whispers. "You taste so sweet ... like honeysuckle." "Dont," I murmur, in a daze. He draws back, eyes heavy and dark. "You want me to stop?" "No." Ive fallen asleep praying for you to look at me like this. To touch me like this. "Dont break my heart." Moth shadows glide above him in the mirrored ceiling, distracting me from the fierceness of his frown. "Id cut mine out first." I believe he would. Stretching to tiptoe, I clasp his ponytail. This time, I kiss him. He responds with a spine-tingling growl, fingers digging into my hips.
— A.G. Howard —

His kisses fed the slow burn of an ever-growing flame.

— Carlyle Labuschagne

She thinks of James Grierson. His Kisses tasted like whiskey, and they landed right and true.

— Alden Bell

He puts up with a lot from me, and he never gets irritated."
"Yeah, cause you can be so darn irritating ... " He lowered his face and kissed my eyebrow tenderly, "with those irritating cinnamon-brown eyes ... " His kisses moved down to my nose. "And that irritating, tiny nose ... " He paused, his mouth a mere breath away from mine, and he kissed me softly. "And those irritating, luscious lips ... " The green of his eyes darkened as he gazed down at my mouth. "God, those lips ... " he sighed, and his warm breath drifted lightly across my mouth as his arms tightened around me more. He kissed me long and hard.

— Tess Oliver

As he stared down at River's lips, swollen from his kisses, there was no question she would be his. The fire within her matched his.

— Donna Grant

If we train our conscience, it kisses us while it hurts

— Friedrich Nietzsche

His kisses were too rote; they were assembly-line kisses. She wanted complex kisses; she wanted each kiss to be a conversation.

— Brian Morton

I roll my eyes. "So when did I become so special? When they carted me off to the Capitol?"
"No, about six months before that. Right after New Year's. We were in the Hob, eating some slop of Greasy Sae's. And Darius was teasing you about trading a rabbit for one of his kisses. And I realized ... I minded.

— Suzanne Collins

The sobs and tears of joy he had not foreseen rose with such force within him that his whole body shook and for a long time prevented him from speaking. Falling on his knees by her bed. He held his wife's hand to his lips and kissed it, and her hand responded to his kisses with weak movement of finger. Meanwhile, at the foot of the bed, in the midwife's expert hands, like the flame of a lamp, flickered the life of a human being who had never existed before ...

— Leo Tolstoy

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