Quotes About Her Falling In Love

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Quotes About Her Falling In Love

Im smart enough to know that Elizabeth had no doubt seen dozens of men leap over curbs without her falling in love with the leaper, but I do believe this: When an endeavor is special in a persons life, others discern it intuitively and appreciate it more, like the praise a child receives for a lumpy clay sculpture. And as ordinary as such an event might be, it can be instilled with uncommon power.
— Steve Martin —

Falling in love or just plain falling : they were both terrifying at any speed

— Abigail Roux

A man's weakness is a woman's beauty ... a woman's weakness is falling in love.

— Jemina Akhtar

Sometimes I wonder if, instead of falling madly in love, we should aspire to fall sanely in love. But then, what would be the point?

— Jessica Zafra

Being in love and getting married, now, that's two different things. I was in love once, of course I was. Nobody should go through life without falling in love.
But didn't you love him enough to marry him?
I loved him enough, I just loved my freedom more.

— Sue Monk Kidd

I love all those who are heavy drops falling from the dark cloud that hangs over men: they herald the advent of lightning, and, as heralds, they perish.

— Friedrich Nietzsche

This one," he said, "is for my wife."
With a pointed glance, Gideon signaled the band to start. An instantly recognizable bass beat ratcheted up my pulse.
"Lifehouse!" Shawny crowed, clapping her hands. "I love them!"
"He's calling you his wife already!" Megumi yelled, leaning toward me. "How freaking' lucky are you?"
I didn't glance at her. I couldn't. My attention was riveted on Gideon as he looked directly at me and sang, telling me in a lusciously raspy voice that he was desperate for change and starving for truth.
He was answering my song.
My eyes burned even as my heart began to beat with a different rhythm. Had I thought he'd be unemotional? My Good, he was killing me, baring his soul in the rough timbre of his voice.
"Holy fuck," Cary said, his eyes on the stage. "The man can sing."
I was hanging by a moment, too, hanging on to every word, hearing his message about chasing after me and falling more in love.

— Sylvia Day

I don't think falling in love in Slovakia is much different from falling in love in Tunbridge Wells.

— Tom Stoppard

The moment I remember to breathe and connect to what's real, connect to love, get grounded, get present, then everything has a way of sort of falling into place.

— MC Yogi

Libraries are not just for reading in, but for sociable thinking, exploring, exchanging ideas and falling in love. They were never silent. Technology will not change that, for even in the starchiest heyday of Victorian self-improvement, libraries were intended to be meeting places of the mind, recreational as well as educational.

— Ben Macintyre

Coming up with a funny joke is like falling in love: It can hit you any time, anywhere. Having said that, the more you put yourself out there, the better your odds will be.

— Emo Philips

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