Quotes About Healthy Skepticism

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Quotes About Healthy Skepticism

True courage is mixed with circumspection, the kind of healthy skepticism that asks, Is this the best way to do this? True cowardice is marked by chronic skepticism, which always says, It cant be done.
— William Bennett —

Skepticism is healthy in matters of the intellect, but disastrous in matters of the heart.

— Marty Rubin

In science, a healthy skepticism is a professional necessity, whereas in religion, having belief without evidence is regarded as a virtue.

— Paul Davies

I definitely was attracted to similar things in punk and science. They both depend on a healthy dose of skepticism.

— Greg Graffin

He was honest," Wayne said. "I got a sense for that sort of thing." He sneezed. "You believed that Lessie really was a dancer, the first time we met her," Waxillium said, rising. "That's different. She was a woman. Good at lying, they are. The God Beyond made'm that way." "I'm  ... not certain how I should take that," Marasi said. "With a pinch of copper," Waxillium said. "And a healthy dose of skepticism. Just like anything Wayne says.

— Brandon Sanderson

Every theory in medicine, if medicine is to remain healthy, must be beaten out on the anvil of skepticism. So do we weed out charlatanism.

— Alice Tisdale Hobart

There are science teachers who actually claim that they teach "a healthy skepticism." They do not. They teach a profound gullibility, and their dupes, trained not to think for themselves, will swallow any egregious rot, provided it is dressed up with long words and an affectation of objectivity to make it sound scientific.

— Anthony Standen

The latest trade of a security creates a dangerous illusion that its market price approximates its true value. This mirage is especially dangerous during periods of market exuberance. The concept of "private market value" as an anchor to the proper valuation of a business can also be greatly skewed during ebullient times and should always be considered with a healthy degree of skepticism.

— Seth Klarman

The concept of military necessity is seductively broad, and has a dangerous plasticity. Because they invariably have the visage of overriding importance, there is always a temptation to invoke security "necessities" to justify an encroachment upon civil liberties. For that reason, the military-security argument must be approached with a healthy skepticism.

— William J. Brennan

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