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Quotes About He Hurt Me

I dont even remember if he hurt me with even one punch. Amazing what the result is.
— Manny Pacquiao —

Whoever hurt you had a choice to hurt you or love you. It was his choice whoever he is, not yours. It is the same as how Hank made the choice to beat on me and Mom instead of loving us the way he should have. As you told me, that was not my fault either. I believe it is the option of choice that makes evil possible. When he made his choice, you really had no choice. [said Craig]

— Sarah Richards

The way he looks at me makes me ache, but it isn't fair. He hurt me first. He caused this ache from the start. This inside out, churning pain that feels mental and physical now.
I fiddle with my hands, peering up at him again, and all I can think is, God, I wish he'd stop staring at me like that.

— Alex Rosa

He hurt me more than anyone ever has, but he loved me better than anyone ever did, too.

— Nyrae Dawn

So how was it? Did it hurt? Was he gentle? How many times did y'all do it?

— Annie Brewer

The individual artist is a medium for making representational and deeply meaningful symbols of the community's collective consciousness, whether they are symbols of the community's religion, love, hurt, power, hate, hope, dream, fables, foibles or on and on and on.

— Inga Muscio

Every time we love, we increase our capacity to be hurt.

— Erwin W. Lutzer

Overnight business could go down enough to hurt; yet as a rule it slowly recovered
sometimes it seemed to take forever
went up, not high enough to be really up, only not down.

— Bernard Malamud

Strength of character means the ability to overcome resentment against others, to hide hurt feelings, and to forgive quickly.

— Lawrence G. Lovasik

I punch a lot of guys on set. It's much easier than in real life as your hands don't hurt afterwards. The key is that you miss.

— Timothy Olyphant

In the past, the starting point of my relationships was what I
wanted instead of what God wanted. I looked out for my needs and
fit others into my agenda. Did I find fulfillment? No, I found only
compromise and heartache. I not only hurt others; I also hurt myself,
and most seriously, I sinned against God.

— Joshua Harris

If you don't feel anything, you can't be hurt.

— Barry Lyga

She would not have hurt the old man's feelings for anything in the world.

— Beverly Cleary

It is easier with strangers, for they touch your life but for an instant. You will not disappoint them, for you owe them nothing; neither do they expect anything. Friends you can hurt, for they expect everything.

— David Gemmell

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