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Quotes About Guy You Want

Im not your boyfriend, Isabelle," he called out. She went white, Simon was horrified by how badly his words had come out. "I mean, I cant be your boyfriend, Isabelle," he said. "Im not him that guy who was your boyfriend. That guy you want.
— Cassandra Clare —

Well, I know a guy, he's from far far away
He's a songwriter, he got something to say
He says, "People in this city are too busy to hang out
This town's so spread out, no one would hear you if you shout"
Everyone's got a script to sell and someplace else they want to be
There's always a lock that would open if you could just find the key"
(It Ain't Easy Being Green)

— Shannon McNally

I want you to be good. Wait for me. And stay far away from every other guy.

— Katherine Owen

You came along and changed everything. I don't want to be some guy you're fooling around with anymore, Rylann. I want to be with you all the way.

— Julie James

Jacey, I can never give you what you want. You want someone who can open up and discuss feelings, someone who will be an active participant in your life. That's not me and it never will be. We need to pull the plug on this thing now, because once again, you're falling for the wrong guy.

— Courtney Cole

What gets made that's considered for men - it's really just T&A stuff. It's not stuff than any guy I know really wants to watch, you know, the stuff with jiggling boobs and all that. Something with real sort of male themes and male strength and things I want to watch in a drama.

— Edward Allen Bernero

I was in a job interview and I opened a book and started reading. Then I said to the guy 'Let me ask you a question. If you are in a spaceship that is traveling at the speed of light, and you turn on the headlights, does anything happen?' He said 'I don't know'. I said 'I don't want your job'.

— Steven Wright

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