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Quotes About Guard Up

Pope Francis reminds us of Pope John XXIII because both men share the same lack of self-consciousness, and neither needs to keep his guard up through the use of psychological defenses such as rationalization, projection or intellectualization.
— Eugene Kennedy —

Men who are ill-natured and quarrelsome when drunk are very worthy persons when sober. For drink in reality doth not reverse nature or create passions in men which did not exist in them before. It takes away the guard of reason and consequently forces us to produce those symptoms which many when sober have art enough to conceal.

— Henry Fielding

I'm thirty-six years old and I've been married once and he left and I don't want to feel this way anymore. Like I can't be vulnerable. Can't relax. It's exhausting, always being on the defensive, keeping my guard up. I feel like Cuba.

— Noah Hawley

Wisdom will guide us and guard us in our daily walk.

— Warren W. Wiersbe

When you accept somebody's offer for help, whether it's in the form of food, crash space, money, or love, you have to trust the help offered. You can't accept things halfway and walk through the door with your guard up. When you openly, radically trust people, they not only take care of you, they become your allies, your family. Sometimes people will prove themselves untrustworthy. When that happens, the correct response is not: Fuck! I knew I couldn't trust anybody! The correct response is: Some people just suck. Moving right along.

— Amanda Palmer

... I've always been unique."
"Yes, well, it is no wonder you and Kell attract. Both unique. Both ... a bit ... " Suddenly, conveniently, the language seemed to fail her.
"Mean?" offered Lila.
Calla smiled. "No, no, not mean. Guard up. But tonight," she said, fastening a silver brim-veil into Lila's hair, "you bring his guard down."
Lila smiled, despite herself. "That's the idea.

— Victoria Schwab

There is no place for fear, Ailith," Niero said, easily reading it in our faces. "Guard against it. The presence of fear denies the power of the Maker and invites the enemy to use it for his own purposes. And where the Maker sends us, we are to go in complete trust. We have been called." He put out his hand, using the leading phrase our trainer had always used. We all placed our hands atop his. "And we shall answer," we said as one.

— Lisa Tawn Bergren

I think that being good to people - you'll never regret that. Maybe you'll get walked all over, maybe you'll get tricked, maybe you'll get fooled, but I think it's so much better to be kind to people and to trust people rather then to have your guard up and say mean things to people. You never want to be the reason that someone else feels bad.

— Taylor Swift

The moment you frame your own awareness within a second level of self -consciousness is the moment your mind is most up for grabs ... You're safe because you have an ironic distance from the coercive techniques I'm employing. All of them that is, except this one. Are you on your guard yet? Does it feel good? Of course not.

— Douglas Rushkoff

If you would perfect your body, guard your mind.

— James Allen

My name should not be made prominent. It is my ideas that I want to see realized. The disciples of all the prophets have always inextricably mixed up the ideas of the Master with person, and at last killed the ideas for the person. The disciples of Sri Ramakrishna must guard against doing the same thing. Work for the idea, not the person.

— Swami Vivekananda

We ought to be very cautious in the prosecution of magic and heresy. The attempt to put down these two crimes may be extremely perilous to liberty, and may be the origin of a number of petty acts of tyranny if the legislator be not on his guard; for as such an accusation does not bear directly on the overt acts of a citizen, but refers to the idea we entertain of his character.

— Baron De Montesquieu

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