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Quotes About Good Evening

Good evening, London. I would introduce myself, but truth to tell, I do not have a name. You can call me "V". Since mankinds dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. Weve seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse. In anarchy, there is another way. With anarchy, from rubble comes new life, hope reinstated. They say anarchys dead, but see ... reports of my death were ... exaggerated. Tomorrow, Downing Street will be destroyed, the Head reduced to ruins, an end to what has gone before. Tonight, you must choose what comes next. Lives of our own, or a return to chains. Choose carefully. And so, adieu.
— Alan Moore —

It was a particularly good evening to begin a book.

— Tove Jansson

And as they spoke - lo and behold! - there was a knock at the door, and there stood a small, stout figure dressed in rusty black; and she said, 'Good evening, Mr and Mrs Brown, I am Nurse Matilda.

— Christianna Brand

Good evening," said the barman. "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" "Because Poe wrote on both?

— Jasper Fforde

Good evening, knocked-up faculty daughter. How are you managing now, you smelly little slut?

— John Irving

Good evening," said Ronan. "Students, are you? And do you learn much, up at the school?"
"Erm -"
"A bit," said Hermione timidly.
"A bit. Well, that's something." Ronan sighed.

— J.K. Rowling

No. I will remain because I have been accustomed for thirty years to go and take the orderly word of the King, and to have it said to me, 'Good evening, d'Artagnan,' with a smile I did not beg for!

— Alexandre Dumas

Joe, you did fine," Mercer says. "You were great. But there is no question that we are in the shit. We are in the savage jungle. For some reason, which I do not yet apprehend, there are titans stirring in the deeps and shadows on the stairwell. As my youngest cousin Lawrence would say, we are up to our necks in podu. This, incidentally, is Reggie, who is one of my occasional thugs," indicating the gnarled youth on his left. "Now retiring to become a vet, would you believe, but for the next ten minutes you can trust him with your life, only don't, trust me instead. Anyway ... good evening, and what the fuck is going on, and try the lamb, it's excellent.

— Nick Harkaway

He walked to the exit, skirting the pools of vapor light purely out of habit, but he saw that the last lamp was unavoidable, because it was set directly above the exit gate. So he saved himself a further perimeter diversion by walking through the next-to-last pool of light, too. At which point a woman stepped out of the shadows. She came toward him with a distinctive burst of energy, two fast paces, eager, like she was pleased to see him. Her body language was all about relief. Then it wasn't. Then it was all about disappointment. She stopped dead, and she said, "Oh." She was Asian. But not petite. Five-nine, maybe, or even five-ten. And built to match. Not a bone in sight. No kind of a willowy waif. She was about forty, Reacher guessed, with black hair worn long, jeans and a T-shirt under a short cotton coat. She had lace-up shoes on her feet. He said, "Good evening, ma'am." She was looking past his shoulder. He said, "I'm the only passenger.

— Lee Child

The Reverend Elmer Gantry was reading an illustrated pink periodical devoted to prize fighters and chorus girls in his room at Elizabeth J. Schmutz Hall late of an afternoon when two large men walked in without knocking.
Why, good evening, Brother Bains-Brother Naylor! This is a pleasant surprise. I was, uh- Did you ever see this horrible rag? About actoresses. An invention of the devil himself. I was thinking of denouncing it next Sunday. I hope you never read it-won't you sit down, gentlemen?-take this chair- I hope you never read it, Brother Floyd, because the footsteps of-

— Sinclair Lewis

When I penetrate into that house, if I ever do, it will be to go on turning, faster and faster, more and more convulsive, like a constipated dog, or one suffering from worms, overturning furniture, in the midst of my family all trying to embrace me at once, until by virtue of a supreme spasm I am catapulted in the opposite direction and gradually leave backwards, without having said good evening.

— Samuel Beckett

When he said good evening you felt that it was a good evening and that it was partly his doing that it was.

— L.M. Montgomery

Would you like to see the menu?" he said, "or would you like meet the Dish of the Day?"
"Good evening," it lowed and sat back heavily on its haunches, "I am the main Dish of the Day. May I interest you in parts of my body?

— Douglas Adams

I started out as a television news anchor but I wasn't very good at it. I think I was too positive. I wanted to begin every newscast by saying, 'Good evening, in the news tonight ... everything's great! Go to sleep. We'll let you know if anything important comes up.'

— Bob Burg

I'm very tired of staring out into your vacant faces looking back at me. Wanting to fill your empty lives with humor you couldn't possibly think of yourself ... Good evening!

— Bill Hicks

When the dead body said, "Good evening," Annabel had to face the grim conclusion that it wasn't as dead as she'd hoped.

— Julia Quinn

Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea. Let's go to press.

— Walter Winchell

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