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Quotes About Going To Sleep Alone

You can stay on the porch. Like how you left me on the floor outside our room." "I didnt know what else to do. You found the check, and I panicked." "That isnt an excuse." "I know. And Im not saying that this is going to make up for it. Im going to try, really try, to make you trust me again. I want you to trust me. I just ... I couldnt sleep last night without you. It was the strangest thing, being in the room alone without you. I couldnt hear you breathing, and your laughter was gone and you were gone, and it was like a part of my life was missing. A big part. I tripped going to the bathroom and banged my head. See?" He pointed to a lovely gash on his forehead. "And then I burned my hand on the toaster oven. And then my car wouldnt start. Again. Ive never had such bad luck in my life.
— Chelsea M. Cameron —

Way late at night Will had heard-how often?-train whistles jetting steam along the rim of sleep, forlorn, alone and far, no matter how near they came. Sometimes he woke to find tears on his cheek, asked why, lay back, listened and thought, Yes! they make me cry, going east, going west, the trains of far gone in country deeps they drown in tides of sleep that escape the towns.

— Ray Bradbury

Veda began it, but when she finished it, or whether she finished it, Mildred never quite knew. Little quivers went through her and they kept going through her the rest of the night, during the supper party, when Veda sat with the white scarf wound around her throat, during the brief half hour, while she undressed Veda, and put the costume away; in the dark, while she lay there alone, trying to sleep, not wanting to sleep.
This was the climax of Mildred's life.

— James M. Cain

I'm trying to feel terrified and alone. And regret every decision I've ever made, drenched in a cold sweat. It's called going to sleep. Maybe you've heard of it.

— Arj Barker

Some patients will report that they have sleep paralysis. If we see sleep paralysis alone and nothing else, we don't really think all that much of it, but if we see other symptoms, then it might be a red flag for something else that's going on.

— Shelby Harris

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