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Quotes About Going To Jail

People who want to express themselves need to be given an opportunity. For me, its a very fundamental premise: you break the law, youre going to jail. Absent that, youre entitled to say whatever you want to say within reason.
— Bob Buckhorn —

Threatening others with physical harm allows the possibility of cutting through all this. It makes possible relations of a far more simple and schematic kind ("cross this line and I will shoot you," "one more word out of any of you and you're going to jail"). This is of course why violence is so often the preferred weapon of the stupid.

— David Graeber

Even going to jail would be easy compared to losing you.

— Gayle Forman

You're like the thief who isn't the least bit sorry he stole, but is terribly, terribly sorry he's going to jail. - Rhett Butler

— Margaret Mitchell

'Blind Curve,' the book I'm working on now, sprang from a crazy incident that happened to me last year while on my book tour. I was pulled out of my car for a minor traffic violation - an incident that escalated into my being thrown into cuffs and told I was going to jail. Except in my story, the hero doesn't get off as easily as I did.

— Andrew Gross

I'm gonna perform on one of the nights. Good clean fun; we're not going to jail. For the record.

— Luther Campbell

I am not brave enough to not pay my income tax and risk going to jail. But I can say rather freely what I want to say with my art.

— Corita Kent

When I was 17, I was told I had the choice of enlisting in the Navy or going to jail, so I spent the next three years in the Navy.

— Seymour Cassel

We had all these things to deal with - houses full of people and John going to jail, guys from New York saying 'don't worry about anything.' So it was really confusing.

— Michael Davis

He's going to jail. He can't see. He can't hear. He can't take a leak that lasts under fifteen minutes. But he has an erection and all the other problems are small change. Next time around I'm coming back as a man. Priorities are clearly defined. Life is simple.

— Janet Evanovich

When I first started out in music, I was so negative. I was knee-deep in the streets. Then my friends started going to jail. They said, 'Boy, you better start taking this seriously; you got a chance to do something with your life.' That's when I realised I had to focus. The music led to the acting.

— Ice-T

Sometimes going to jail is just the price you have to pay for social reform or social change.

— Paul Watson

Keep in mind that in 1975, when you became a cook, it was because you were between two things: you were between getting out of the military and ... going to jail. Anybody could be a cook, just like anybody could mow the lawn.

— Mario Batali

The men who have gotten women pregnant need to be accountable if we are. If we are going to jail, the men are coming too. Religious rhetoric will bite its own ass trying to nail only women in a two-person process.

— Neko Case

It seems like Michael Vick is going to jail for dog fighting. Hopefully, they won't have guard dogs.

— Jon Stewart

I wouldn't mind going to jail if I had three cellmates who played bridge

— Warren Buffett

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