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Quotes About God I Need You

If we had complete knowledge, you wouldnt need any intelligence gathering whatsoever. The president isnt god. We do have intelligence gathering.
— Ann Coulter —

Remember, if God doesn't give you what you want, that's because it's not what you need.

— Zane

Stop. That was a mistake. It shouldn't have happened."
"I could offer you more."
"Power. Access. Rewards. You'd need be available only to me."
"Are you asking me to be your mistress?"
"Oh, my God."
"Is that a yes?"
"No, Ethan, Jesus. Definitely not.

— Chloe Neill

If you need all the answers to trust God, you are not really trusting God.

— David McGee

God, forgive me for my impatience. I saw what I thought I wanted, and when you made no move to give it to me, I took matters into my own hands. I wasn't content, and I didn't trust you enough to wait." She inhaled a shaky breath. "I've really made a mess of things, haven't I? I need you more than ever, now. Show me where to go, what to do. And please give me enough faith to follow you even when I can't see where the path is leading. In the name of Jesus, amen.

— Karen Witemeyer

You won't need a jacket, Jay," Danny says, taking my hand. "I'm pretty sure I can keep you warm." God, am i swooning?

— Jillian Dodd

The biggest danger is thinking you don't need God,

— Nick Vujicic

We believed - and I personally still believe - that the so called Voice of God narration, ubiquitous in documentaries destined for PBS, is insulting to the audience. If you believe in the intelligence of your audience, you don't need to tell them what to think and how to process the material they're seeing.

— Jayne Loader

It is so important that you don't get distracted by what you are not. You need to start confessing your persona and living in it, and don't be bewildered by your circumstances. Just stay on course with what God is promising you.

— Graham Cooke

Does it follow from: 'turn ye' that therefore you can turn? Does it follow from "'Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart' (Deut 6.5) that therefore you can love with all your heart? What do arguments of this kind prove, but the 'free-will' does not need the grace of God, but can do all things by its own power ... But it does not follow from this that man is converted by his own power, nor do the words say so; they simply say: "if thou wilt turn,telling man what he should do. When he knows it, and sees that he cannot do it, he will ask whence he may find ability to do it ... " 164

— Martin Luther

You don't need to try to be God, you are! But if you try to be God it means you don't know you are.

— Alan Watts

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