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Quotes About Go Back Home

And your plan is what?" Nate said as he and Scarlet followed after him. "Youre just going to drive around until you see a sign that says Ravens Secret Hostage Lair?" Tristan wasnt sure what he was going to do, but hanging out in an alley all night certainly wasnt going to bring Gabriel back any faster. "Whats the alternative? Go back home, east some Lucky Charms and get some sleep? I dont think so." "Why are you hating on my cereal?
— Chelsea Fine —

When you lose a friend [in battle] you have an overpowering desire to go back home and yell in everybody's ear, This guy was killed fighting for you. Don't forget him
ever. Keep him in your mind when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed at night. Don't think of him as the statistic which changes 38,788 casualties to 38,789. Think of him as a guy who wanted to live every bit as much as you do. Don't let him be just one of 'Our Brave Boys' from the old home town, to whom a marble monument is erected in the city park, and a civic-minded lady calls the newspaper ten years later and wants to know why that 'unsightly stone' isn't removed.

— Bill Mauldin

It's your call. You want to go back home, go ahead. But if I were you, I wouldn't. Home is death.

— Jeff Abbott

If I go back home to Wittenberg, I'll lie down in a coffin and give the maggots a fat doctor to eat.

— Martin Luther

When I'm playing Big Momma, it's so much work that all I want to do, when I'm finished, is go back home and just relax and study my lines and get ready for the next day.

— Martin Lawrence

You hear stories like that of Canadians trying to get in, but when you go back home, you don't expect that.

— Caroline Dhavernas

Every time I am off the tennis tour, I go back home.

— Tomas Berdych

The dark ancestral cave, the womb from which mankind emerged into the light, forever pulls one back - but ... you can't go home again ... you can't go ... back home to the escapes of
Time and Memory. You Can't Go Home Again

— Thomas Wolfe

I love the Rio Grande Valley. I always say it's home - Texas is home. I've been out in L.A. a little over ten years, and I still get so excited when I go back home. It just feels comfortable; it makes me smile.

— Cristela Alonzo

Usually when you're working on fight scenes, you don't really feel what's going on physically. It's more when you go back home and you're like, "My god!," and you wear the wounds or bruises with a certain amount of pride.

— Danny Huston

When I was growing up, my favorite player was Reggie Jackson - and I never got the opportunity to get an autograph from Reggie. I was so frustrated. I mean, he was my idol. And I couldn't get no autograph. I would go through punishment waiting on him (after games) because he was always the last guy to come out. And I would go back home with no autograph.

— Rickey Henderson

In the morning, I wake up at about 6 a.m. and I run for about 45 minutes, then more sprinting. Then I go back home, I eat and I sleep. When I wake up, I train.I do about three hours in the gym.

— Manny Pacquiao

There is something very nice about coming to New York and how everyone smiles - even if they don't mean it. When I go back home to London and say hello to people, they look at me like I'm crazy.

— Sophie Cookson

What do you do after you are world-famous and nineteen or twenty and you have sat with prime ministers, kings and queens, the Pope? Do you go back home and take a job? What do you do to keep your sanity? You come back to the real world.

— Wilma Rudolph

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