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Quotes About Girl Respect

Respect the woman, desire the slut, and cherish the little girl. Then you have the mind, body and soul. By Unknown
— Ella Dominguez —

It is said that boys fall in love with their eyes, because they can be initially struck to their very core by a girl's mere physical beauty, while girls tend to fall in love with their ears. The outward handsomeness of the lad notwithstanding, a girl most of all likes to hear words of love everlasting, of how he will be kind and gentle with her and protect her from harm and want to always hold her in the highest respect and esteem.

— L.A. Meyer

With still, underneath, the old respectable-girl-versus-slut thing. It's OK to fuck around if you're a feminist but it's also not OK to fuck around because most guys aren't feminists and won't respect you and won't call you again if you fuck around.

— David Foster Wallace

Hakan cursed his plan. What had he done bringing that sweet girl here? She was as delicate as she was beautiful. Her life on Sol had not exposed her to the kind of danger present in the Hub. He'd thought her name would protect her, a great family that could trace its line back to the first convoys from Earth. Her wealth, too, which could command anyone's respect. But the Hub was in the deepest black of space, where starlight was a distant glitter.
Nothing could protect her here.

— Erin Kellison

Every girl I've ever dated I have respect for, and I always try to leave them in good terms.

— Joel Madden

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