Quotes About Getting Fit

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Quotes About Getting Fit

You may get inspired by that uplifting story or inspirational pep talk, but you cant freeze that feeling or glue the emotions of the moment into place. Emotions change like the wind, and you cant stop them. No one can. They keep moving; thats why theyre called emotions and not e-standingstills. You cant dictate how you feel. No matter how much you may tell yourself to feel positive about this how-to step or that how-to step, what if you just dont? Today, youre excited about getting fit. You feel like doing your twenty minutes on the treadmill. Great! But what if tomorrow you just dont feel like doing it? To find the path to success, you have to back up one more step. Its the understanding behind the attitudes that are behind the actions.
— Jeff Olson —

I'm through with you. Yes, I am going to put you down. From now on, I am my own God. I am going to live by the rules I se for myself. I'll discard everything I was once taught about you. Then I'll be you. I'll be my own God, living my life as I see fit. Not as Mr. Charlie says I should live it, or Mama or anybody else. I shall do as I want in this society that apparently wasn't meant for me and my kind. If you are getting angry because I am talking to you like this, then just kill me, leave me here in this graveyard dead. Maybe thats where all of us belong anyway. Maybe then we wouldn't have to suffer so much. At the rate we are being killed now, we'll all be soon dead anyway.

— Anne Moody

Clothing creates the illusion that bodies fit an aesthetically pleasing norm. And that illusion depends on getting the fit right. Garments that bunch, pull, or sag call attention to figure flaws and often make people look worse than they would without clothes.

— Virginia Postrel

When I first made the comeback it was more about getting fit and hopefully inspiring others to lead a better life ... for me to achieve what I have achieved over the last two years has been a dream come true.

— Geoff Huegill

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