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Quotes About Future Leadership

I will not be able to carry the physical burden of leading the Party at the next general election. I hope it will soon be possible for the customary processes of consultation to be carried on within the Party about its future leadership.
— Harold MacMillan —

Anita Borg Quotes: Leaders of the future will have to be
Leaders of the future will have to be visionary and be able to bring people in - real communicators. These are things that women bring to leadership and executive positions, and it's going to be incredibly valuable and incredibly in demand.

— Anita Borg

Once it gets to a point where it becomes a matter of life and death to occupy a position of leadership or not, with an eye on future opportunities, therein lies the danger.

— Kgalema Motlanthe

Tony Dovale Quotes: The political greeders mindset wastes
The political Greeders mindset wastes resources that could transform the future of tens of millions of people and the destinies of the countries.
We need to rethink Leadership and politics.

— Tony Dovale

Democrats have no agenda, no plan for the future, and no sense of leadership.

— Jeff Miller

I was brought up in a family of leaders, and I think leadership is a life sentence. I like changing things that will shape the future.

— Jenny Shipley

When you visit countries that don't nurture these kinds of ambitions, you can feel th absence of hope ... people are reduced to worrying only about that day's shelter or the next day's meal. It's a shame, even a tragedy, how many people do not get to think about the future. Technology coupled with wise leadership not only solves these problems but enables dreams of tomorow.

— Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Alain J. P. Belda Quotes: We know we must address climate change
We know we must address climate change. We may not have sorted out every detail, but we are willing to take a leadership position and embrace open dialogue ... that will get us all to our common goals of protecting our world for future generations,

— Alain J. P. Belda

A woman who occupies the same realm of thought with man, who can explore with him the depths of science, comprehend the steps of progress through the long past and prophesy those of the momentous future, must ever be surprised and aggravated with his assumptions of leadership and superiority, a superiority she never concedes, an authority she utterly repudiates.

— Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Marcus Buckingham Quotes: Leaders are fascinated by future you are
Leaders are fascinated by future. You are a leader if and only if, you are restless for change, impatient for progress and deeply dissatisfied with status quo. Because in your head, you can see a better future. The friction between 'what is' and 'what could be' burns you, stirs you up, propels you. This is leadership.

— Marcus Buckingham

Sally Helgesen Quotes: Most of us persist in regarding
Most of us persist in regarding leadership as synonymous with - indeed solely derived from - high position. Perhaps the notion of grass-roots leadership strikes us as too much of an oxymoron; confronted with apparent paradox, our imaginations fail ... I believe that in the future, our ideas about the nature of leadership will undergo a radical transformation. As the instrumental use of knowledge continues to redefine the nature and purpose of organizations, we will begin to look at those on the front lines for leadership.

— Sally Helgesen

The future is taking shape now in our own beliefs and in the courage of our leaders. Ideas and leadership - not natural or social "forces" - are the prime movers in human affairs.

— George Roche III

Jazz, like leadership, combines the unpredictability of the future with the gifts of individuals.

— Max De Pree

Governor Sanders showed true leadership and character by supporting civil rights for all during a time when many were not, His lasting positive impact on our state will be felt by many future generations of Georgians.

— Nathan Deal

We are now spending half a trillion dollars on foreign oil, importing 62 percent of the oil we use, and we haven't had the leadership in D.C. to do anything about it. We've got to move to other sources of energy. But we've gotten way behind, and will continue to pay the fiddler. It's not a good future.

— T. Boone Pickens

Tessa Jowell Quotes: It is absolutely clear that your
It is absolutely clear that your continued leadership is putting the Labour Party's future in jeopardy and denying millions of people in our country who so desperately need representation by a Labour government the chance of that Labour government.

— Tessa Jowell

Baker has done it again! Building on the core principles that he advanced in Professional's Guide to Value Pricing and The Firm of the Future, Ron Baker has again evolved thought leadership on the critical dynamics of value and pricing. Baker's latest work, Pricing on Purpose: Creating and Capturing Value, provides real-world examples and practical strategies that provide a framework for pricing optimization. His clarity of purpose and passionate call to action resonates in today's intellectual capital economy.

— Thomas Finneran

Kevin Freeman has been warning America's leadership of the dangers of financial terrorism for the last three years. It is happening now and Kevin provides the evidence in his book Secret Weapon. Every American needs to understand how our financial markets have been manipulated by people who want to destroy the nation and how they can do even greater damage in the future. This book is a critical read for everyone.

— William G. Boykin

Leadership is about setting a direction. It's about creating a vision, empowering and inspiring people to want to achieve the vision, and enabling them to do so with energy and speed through an effective strategy. In its most basic sense, leadership is about mobilizing a group of people to jump into a better future.

— John P. Kotter

Truly remarkable leadership is not just about motivating others to follow, it's about inspiring them to become leaders themselves and setting the stage for even greater opportunities for future generations.

— Condoleezza Rice

Such displays of the Australian spirit engender pride, regardless of background, religion and political persuasion. They are unifying ... This spirit of leadership should be reflected in our national symbols and one appropriate way to do that is by finally making the changes needed to make Australia a republic ... A country's history does not change because it takes a step forward, but its possibilities for the future do.

— Larissa Behrendt

Seth Godin Quotes: The future of marketing is leadership
The future of marketing is leadership

— Seth Godin

Jeb Bush Quotes: I kind of know what my job is its to
I kind of know what my job is, it's to develop a message that's hopeful and optimistic about the future of the country, to develop ideas that will give people a sense that they can lift up, and to tell them about my leadership skills to make it so.

— Jeb Bush

The majority of America's colossal fortunes have been made by entering industries in their early stages and developing leadership in them ... Think of what opportunities the present and the future contain in such fields as ship-building and ship-owning, aircraft, electrical development, the oil industry, different branches of the automotive industry, foreign trade, international banking, invention, the chemical industry, moving pictures, color photography, and, one night add, labor leadership.

— B.C. Forbes

I commend #AIESEC's continuing efforts to develop the #future #business #leadership of our countries.

— Nelson Mandela

Oliver DeMille Quotes: When we discover this and give our lives
When we discover this and give our lives to it, we are leaders. This is the Path of Leadership. Whatever our age or phase of life, we must enter and stay on the Path of Leadership. The future of the world depends upon it-upon you.

— Oliver DeMille

Charles Colson Quotes: God uses prisons to train people for
God uses prisons to train people for future roles of leadership or martyrdom.

— Charles Colson

Leonard Sweet Quotes: Leadership is the art of the future
Leadership is the art of the future.

— Leonard Sweet

I will not be able to carry the physical burden of leading the Party at the next general election. I hope it will soon be possible for the customary processes of consultation to be carried on within the Party about its future leadership.

— Harold MacMillan

If I could get one message to you it would be this: the future of this country and the welfare of the free world depends upon our success in space. There is no room in this country for any but a fully cooperative, urgently motivated all-out effort toward space leadership. No one person, no one company, no one government agency, has a monopoly on the competence, the missions, or the requirements for the space program.

— Lyndon B. Johnson

It is the US government's desire for the Iraqi people to lead themselves, not for any outside power to be the leadership for Iraq in the future. There may be some transition period where the international community would have to help the Iraqi people put in place a representative government. But that is the goal, not for the United States, or any other nation, for that matter, who might be in such a coalition, if one is formed, to serve as the leader of the Iraqi nation.

— Colin Powell

Hillary Clinton Quotes: At a time of change and challenge at
At a time of change and challenge at home and abroad, these investments will enhance the security of Americans, assure the future American leadership, and help build the foundations of peace, stability, and prosperity in the years ahead.

— Hillary Clinton

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