Quotes About Friends That Are In Love

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Quotes About Friends That Are In Love

Adam Browns zest for life led him down a few dark alleys and more than one dead end. Kind-hearted and wild, Adam led a life that lacked direction. God, a woman, and the U.S. Navy gave it to him. FEARLESS is a love story ... several love stories: a man for his woman, a warrior for his team, parents for kids, and soldiers for their country. There is no greater love than that a man lay down his life for his friends. Be warned—reading FEARLESS will change the way you see the world.
— Stu Weber —

I know this kind of talk makes you freak out, but I'm gonna say it anyway," Dylan said, laughing softly. "I fuckin' love you, man."
"Jesus Christ," Lucien muttered,
... These days, their bond ran so much deeper; as close as brothers, the best of friends.
He met Dylan's eye in a moment of silent acknowledgement, then shuddered despite the warmth of the evening. "And now I feel like we just had sex.

— Kitty French

Barnabas's voice helps me drift off to sleep. I think briefly about how I've never felt this way about anyone else. I care about my family and friends, but this is a different feeling. This must be how my father feels about my mother. This must be what it feels like to be in love. Somehow, I'm certain.
I know I can't leave him here to rot. I can't leave him at all.

— Kris Noel

We need to let our family and our friends know this truth-God is love, and he inviteth them all to come unto him and partake of his goodness; and he denieth none that come unto him. -2 Nephi 26:33

— M. Russell Ballard

I love spending time with my family and friends during the holidays, and my favorite holiday tradition would be the pozole that my mom makes almost every Christmas. It's the best!

— Becky G

Having people I love around me - friends and family - is great, but I don't necessarily need a relationship.

— Olga Kurylenko

The man he was now, the personality his friends knew, had begun to grow strong during adolescence, during the years when he was always consciously or unconsciously conjugating the verb "to love"
in society and solitude, with people, with books, with the sky and open country, in the lonesomeness of crowded city streets.

— Willa Cather

I have no friends, there are only people I love.

— Louis Aragon

I avoid social networks and I try to live a very normal, simple life. I love spending time and hang out with my friends any time I can. I like a very simple life.

— Dakota Johnson

The nicest people fall in love indiscriminately ... while under the influence of that pre-eminently selfish lunacy they may make the most outrageous demands upon their friends with no other excuse than their painful need.

— Margery Allingham

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