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Quotes About Forward Looking

But of course it makes sense because we are Third Worlders and Third Worlders are forward-looking, we like things to be new, because our best is still ahead, while in the West their best is already past and so they have to make a fetish of that past.Remember this is our newly middle-class world. We havent completed the first cycle of prosperity, before going back to the beginning again, to drink milk from the cows udder.
— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie —

Post-national, welfare-state, cooperative, pacific Europe was not born of the optimistic, ambitious, forward-looking project imagined in fond retrospect by today's Euro-idealists. It was the insecure child of anxiety.

— Tony Judt

The blues is not the creation of a crushed-spirited people. It is the product of a forward-looking, upward-striving people.

— Albert Murray

Whether politicians are dealing with complex policy problems or trying to communicate with the electorate, it makes sense to establish a clear, long term narrative underpinned by forward-looking policies to deliver on its vision.

— Anthony Albanese

I am a forward-looking person and live in the moment to build for the future.

— Hugh Masekela

Actually, we chose the name Sun Cellular because we believe the name 'Sun' is bright, forward-looking and optimistic. It is my sincere hope that the whole Philippines will share our positive outlook, optimism and faith in the country's future.

— John Gokongwei

As we surge towards Indonesia 2045, those who will lead us must have special qualities. To begin with, they will need to exercise transformational, rather than transactional, leadership. This means forward- looking leaders who will continue to transform the nation across sectors. They will need to have a higher risk-appetite and the courage to challenge old assumptions, while coming up with new ideas that suit present- day challenges.

— Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

We are a forward-looking people, and we must have a forward-looking government.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger

At DC Comics, it has been a top priority that DC forges a meaningful, forward-looking digital strategy.

— Jim Lee

When you put more money in the pockets of working families, they spend it on groceries, gas, school supplies, and other goods and services. And that helps businesses grow and create jobs. So many forward-looking employers, large and small, understand this.

— Thomas Perez

Big thinkers are specialists in creating positive, forward-looking, optimistic pictures in their own minds and in the minds of others.

— David J. Schwartz

Politics is about moving forward, looking forward.

— Rush Limbaugh

Hope is the forward-looking part of memory.

— Diana Wynne Jones

And our security will require all Americans to be forward-looking and resolute, to be ready for pre-emptive action.

— George W. Bush

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