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Quotes About Florida

Im familiar with a lot of guys, hang out with those guys. A couple of my teammates actually went to Florida, so Im familiar with a lot of those guys. Its going to be fun walking out with a victory and rubbing it in their faces.
— Joanna Noelle Levesque —

I expect you (William Whitelaw) were as impressed as I was to read of the recent electrocution in Florida of a character called John Spenkelink in the electric chair. It seems that a full six minutes passed before Spenkelink was dead, during which time he hopped about like a prawn on a hot plate.

— William Donaldson

Florida is a great place to set a novel.

— John Lutz

I was born in New York and raised in South Florida, so I'm an East Coast girl.

— Cassie Scerbo

The Florida Supreme Court wanted all the legal votes to be counted. The United States Supreme Court, on the other hand, did not want all the votes to be counted.

— Vincent Bugliosi

Florida is one of the first states that sort of gives the legislature a very clear criteria for re-drawing electoral district maps. Basically, all the criteria do is tell the legislators that you can't draw a seat that helps yourself or a political party. That's really critical.

— Dan Gelber

My parents didn't want to move to Florida, but they turned sixty and that's the law.

— Jerry Seinfeld

They did is sent me down Clearwater, Florida, and they said to me, Jessica, I need you to make Jim Bakker feel better.

— Jessica Hahn

Two preppies from the University of South Florida tried to hit on her with cocaine jokes. Sharon

— Tim Dorsey

You can find examples of how little we value ourselves everywhere you look. The signs on the front of the convenience stores where Stephen lives in Florida tell the story. Beer, ice, bread and milk are the big come-ons. The order of the words varies, but beer and ice are always two of the top four staples for sale. If we were all taking care of ourselves, wouldn't the convenience stores compete for our dollars with signs that read "Fruit, Vegetables, Bread, Milk"?

— Bernie Siegel

So what makes me happy? I was really happy to build this house. That's it; building things. The trouble with software is that it's very hard to show your aunt in Florida what you've done.

— Larry Ellison

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