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Quotes About Firsts

Well, because I want to be the person who gives you all of your firsts. I want to experience them with you so I can see that beautiful smile of yours light up every time you do something new. I want to make all of your dreams come true." "Oh ... ." WOW ... .I was not expecting that at all. Maybe Gunner was
— Kelly Elliott —

Human beings remember "firsts"- the first time something happens, or the begining of an experience- and we tend to remember "lasts" as well. So when you are about to make a critical/negative delivery , start your criticism with a positive begining, it will affect the rest of the experience. Start by giving them solid ground to stand by expressing the fact that you value them and they matter. Once they are reassured of their own worth, people will accept your comments far more easily and they'll get less defensive.

— Olivia Fox Cabane

You've got all my firsts," he said. "All the ones that matter.

— Nicole Williams

I could feel the weight of his gaze. 'Witches don't run with wolves,' I said, though I was slightly pained to do so.
He dropped his grin, suddenly serious and sexier for it. 'I'm big on firsts.'
I raised my chin. 'What about lasts?'
'Those too.' He whispered quietly enough that the words were nearly lost in the din of the street. I just had to smile at his utter sincerity.

— Meghan Ciana Doidge

No. If I'm being honest, I love knowing that your firsts will all be with me.

— Molly McAdams

Sole Alessandra Torre I've had a lot of firsts in the last three years. Today is a new one. First time throwing a three-year-old Birthday party, Hollywood Style. Too bad my sexier-than-sin husband is absolutely no help. And Cocky is in the pool. And Ben is having a panic attack. And Justin is feeding my child sugar at every opportunity. This is past the dirt, and more than just Hollywood. This is our life as Sole.

— Alessandra Torre

Yeah, well ... No, I mean sex in my truck. Sex with a man I just met. Sex in a freaking parking lot.
He grinned. That's a lot of firsts.

— Laura Kaye

A lot of good things start in Virginia; a lot of good things have started in Virginia. We're no strangers to firsts.

— Robert Hurt

Most of the January firsts in recent memory have involved splitting headaches and roiling stomachs and often being
surprised about where I was waking up. ("No, Officer, I have no idea why I'm wearing this possum costume. I called you what? Oh. My bad.")

— Cate Tiernan

I look forward to a time, in the not so distant future, when we no longer look forward to 'firsts' as milestones women have yet to achieve, but we look back on them as historic events that continue to teach and inspire.

— Dee Dee Myers

I tilt my head and ask "What firsts have we
already passed?"
"The easy ones," he says. "First hug, first date, first fight, first time we slept together,
although I wasn't the one sleeping. Now we barely have any left. First kiss. First time to
sleep together when we're both actually awake. First marriage. First kid. We're done
after that. Our lives will become mundane and boring and I'll have to divorce you and
marry a wife who's twenty years younger than me so I can have a lot more firsts and
you'll be stuck raising the kids." He bring his hand to my cheek and smile at me. "So you
see, babe? I'm only doing this for your benefit. The longer I wait to kiss you, the longer
it'll be before I'm forced to leave you high and dry.

— Colleen Hoover

It's probably because you were each other's firsts. That's why you can't let each other go. I've heard that's how it is with firsts, especially with guys.

— Jenny Han

Of the many 'firsts' with which I have been involved at the Texas Heart Institute -including the first successful human heart transplant in the United States and the first total artificial heart transplant in the world-the achievement that may have the greatest impact on health care did not occur in the operating room or in the research laboratory. It happened on a piece of paper ... when we created the first-ever packaged pricing plan for cardiovascular surgical procedures.

— Denton Cooley

The firsts go away - first love, first kiss, first baby. You have to create new ones.

— Sarah Jessica Parker

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