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Quotes About Finding The Answer

The only time a question should be asked is when all other possibilities of finding the answer for yourself have been eliminated.
— Benjamin Franklin —

The issue of finding the best possible answer or achieving maximum efficiency usually arises in industry only after serious performance or legal troubles.

— Steven S. Skiena

What do you want from me?" he asked, his voice husky with anger.
I backed away, hitting the wall, and watched warily as he stalked me. My chin tilted, my lips parting in surprise as he placed his hands above my head on the wall and caged me against it. He lowered his head, his nose sliding along mine until his mouth rested just above my lips. I swallowed, finally finding my voice. "What do you want from me?"
His answer was to crush my lips beneath his.

— Samantha Young

What about him?" she'd say, finding an attractive guy to point out while they were standing in the lunch line. "Do you want to kiss him?"
"I don't want to kiss a stranger," Cath would answer. "I'm not interested in lips out of context.

— Rainbow Rowell

Interpreting the Bible without training is a bit like finding a specific address in a foreign city with neither map nor knowledge of the language. You might stumble upon the right answer, but in the meantime you've put yourself at the mercy of every ignoramus in town, with no way of telling the savant from the fool.

— Laurie R. King

I recently read a fabulous blog by a writer named Mark Manson, who said that the secret to finding your purpose in life is to answer this question in total honesty: What's your favorite flavor of shit sandwich?

— Elizabeth Gilbert

You know, it's a different world now, but to skip ahead and really answer your question, only in the last five years did I find what I call holy maturity, finding the balance, finding the right person in my life so that I could live a normal life.

— Burt Ward

Answer, only left the room. She might have asked him if something was wrong, might even have gone after him and asked him if he was sick to his stomach-he was sexually uninhibited, but he could be oddly prim about other things, and it wouldn't be at all unlike him to say he was going to take a bath when what he really had to do was whoops something which hadn't agreed with him. But now a new family, the Piscapos, were being introduced, and Patty just knew Richard Dawson would find something funny to say about that name, and besides, she was having the devil's own time finding a black button, although she knew there were loads of them in the button box. They hid, of course; that was the only explanation ... So she let him go and did not think of him again until the credit-crawl, when she

— Stephen King

By asking a novel question that you don't know the answer to, you discover whether you can formulate a way of finding the answer, and you stretch your own mind, and very often you learn something new.

— Walter Gilbert

Music is not a language. Any musical piece is akin to a boulder with complex forms, with striations and engraved designs atop and within, which men can decipher in a thousand different ways without ever finding the right answer or the best one ...

— Iannis Xenakis

The only time a question should be asked is when all other possibilities of finding the answer for yourself have been eliminated.

— Benjamin Franklin

A friend of mine is trying to do a documentary where he brings Jewish and Arab comedians to occupied territories in Israel. He wants to do shows as a way of finding some comedic common denominator. When he proposed the idea to one of the officials at the Jenin refuge camp, the guy just stared at him and said, "This is not a joke to us. We don't think that laughing is the answer."

— Harold Ramis

I think finding the right person and being with the right person is probably the answer to most things.

— Daniel Craig

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