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Quotes About Finding Him

I do not live when I loose belief in the existence of God. I should long ago have killed myself had I not had a dim hope of finding Him. I live really live only when I feel him and seek Him
— Leo Tolstoy —

Out of the city and over the hill,
Into the spaces where Time stands still,
Under the tall trees, touching old wood,
Taking the way where warriors once stood;
Crossing the little bridge, losing my way,
But finding a friendly place where I can stay.
Those were the days, friend, when we were strong
And strode down the road to an old marching song
When the dew on the grass was fresh every morn,
And we woke to the call of the ring-dove at dawn.
The years have gone by, and sometimes I falter,
But still I set out for a stroll or a saunter,
For the wind is as fresh as it was in my youth,
And the peach and the pear, still the sweetest of fruit,
So cast away care and come roaming with me,
Where the grass is still green and the air is still free.

— Ruskin Bond

He wanted to leave the past a few hundred miles down the road, shake it off like dust. But that ws the problem with the past. It kept finding him.

— Suzanne Woods Fisher

Interpreting the Bible without training is a bit like finding a specific address in a foreign city with neither map nor knowledge of the language. You might stumble upon the right answer, but in the meantime you've put yourself at the mercy of every ignoramus in town, with no way of telling the savant from the fool.

— Laurie R. King

But it seemed to him that there should be a difference in his attitude. All the distress that he had ever known, the sorrow and the pain, had been because of women. It was something that in different ways they did to him, unconsciously, almost casually-perhaps finding him tender-minded and afraid, they killed the things in him that menaced their absolute sway.

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

Since I was 12 or 13, I have been taking movie meetings finding a project right for me because I wanted to try it. Craig gave us the script - it was set in Wales, it is really British humour. I just loved it.

— Charlotte Church

Give me some credit. Eduardo is one of our own. Finding him is all that matters. Besides, if I'd decided to pull Carver's spine out of his body, I would've done it already." "Can you actually do that?" Curran frowned. "I don't know. I mean theoretically if you broke the spine above the pelvis, you could, but then there are ribs . . . I'll have to try it sometime." Okay, then. That was not disturbing. Not at all. "What do you suppose normal people talk about on their car rides?

— Ilona Andrews

As it was before, so it was now; I need only be aware of God to live; I need only forget Him, or disbelieve Him, and I died.
What is this animation and dying? I do not live when I lose belief in the existence of God. I should long ago have killed myself had I not had a dim hope of finding Him. I live, really live, only when I feel Him and seek Him. "What more do you seek?" exclaimed a voice within me. "This is He. He is that without which one cannot live. To know God and to live is one and the same thing. God is life."
"Live seeking God, and then you will not live without God." And more than ever before, all within me and around me lit up, and the light did not again abandon me.

— Leo Tolstoy

Every kid, Megan thought, is a frustrated lawyer, finding loopholes, demanding impossible levels of proof, attacking even the most minute of minutia.

— Harlan Coben

And you're too hard on him because he reminds you of your father."
"From the time he was twenty winters I kept finding him with my father's kitchen staff."
"He's lusty."
"He's a whore.

— G.A. Aiken

When you're editing, you're putting it together in a way that makes sense metaphysically. You're not inventing it, but you're finding the story that's there. You're making a play that's eventually going to go on stage and present itself to an audience. You want to show what happened, not exactly what you have evidence of happening.

— D. A. Pennebaker

Staying in an unhealthy relationship can keep a person from finding their own way and moving to the next level of their own path - and that person could even be you.

— Bryant McGill

Perfect servants would be the worst of all for certain masters, whose happiness consists in finding fault with them.

— Jean Antoine Petit-Senn

The famous Apollonius being very early at Vespasian's gate, and finding him stirring, from thence conjectured that he was worthy to govern an empire, and said to his companion, This man surely will be emperor; he is so early.

— Nicolas Caussin

Finding your voice is something you have to keep working at. Your voice as a comic evolves the same way that you evolve. You have to find out what works for you. How can you express your opinion, your take on the situations in a way that feels natural to you? That's where you find your voice.

— Dov Davidoff

Each moment spent searching is also a moment spent finding.

— Paulo Coelho

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