Quotes About Financial Security

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Quotes About Financial Security

We tend to focus on assets and forget about debts. Financial security requires facing up to the big picture: assets minus debts.
— Suze Orman —

Th e average person spends much of his or her lifetime building
financial security, but it can be lost, never to be regained. That's
why you need to carefully assess your definition of financial
security and make sure it is realistic for the goals that you have
set. You can take the necessary steps to put that plan in place,
and never lose that financial security, and to pass on your values
and assets to the coming generations.

— Christopher K. Abts

I want to give producers more financial security.

— Estelle Morris

Financial security is crucial for your family, and I have a large family. Money does matter when you don't have it. When you need it, you realise the value of it. In that sense, money will always have value.

— Katrina Kaif

It's OK to have a plan, to invest in your future - for your financial security, your love life, your personal fulfillment, and even your happiness. To have personal happiness as a stated goal doesn't detract from it if you get there.

— Karen Finerman

As far as your personal goals are and what you actually want to do with your life, it should never have to do with the government. You should never depend on the government for your retirement, your financial security, for anything. If you do, you're screwed.

— Drew Carey

I've lived so frugally for so long. I have to have that financial security or the world feels out of control for me.

— DJ Qualls

Investing in renter's insurance is hugely worthwhile. It protects you from a whole load of financial pitfalls around your home. Your home should be the center of your sense of security - not the cause of you losing financial security.

— Alexa Von Tobel

Professor Rosalind Chait Barnett of Brandeis University did a comprehensive review of studies on work-life balance and found that women who participate in multiple roles 36 actually have lower levels of anxiety and higher levels of mental well-being. Employed women reap rewards including greater financial security, more stable marriages, better health, and, in general, 37 increased life satisfaction.

— Sheryl Sandberg

I worry about financial security, and the older I get the more I worry about it.

— J. Robbins

Without financial literacy, divorce rates soar, families rupture, and women stay with abusive men for financial security. A lack of jobs contributes to riots and illegal activity. Name any situation and it goes back to money. We need to focus on poverty eradication.

— John Hope Bryant

Financial Security is not enough money to buy toys. That is to learn to live with less money than you earn. So, you can help other individuals or investors. You are not a winner until done it

— Dave Ramsey

Let us be bold enough to ask ourselves as Christians whether the Church of the Lord Jesus in the United States has anything to say to our nation and its ideologies of materialism, possessiveness, and the worship of financial security. Are we courageous enough to be a sign of contradiction to consumerism through our living faith in Jesus Christ? Are we committed enough to his gospel to become a countercurrent to the drift?

— Brennan Manning

Financial security and independence are like a three-legged stool resting on savings, insurance and investments

— Brian Tracy

Do you know why I married you, Philip?" "Presumably you wanted the financial security and social prestige I could offer." She chuckled at that and shook her head ... "I believed," she confessed somberly, "I honestly believed that I had something to offer you too
something you needed. Do you know what it was?" "I can't imagine." "I thought I could teach you how to laugh and enjoy life." Philip and Caroline

— Judith McNaught

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