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Quotes About Film Producing

I hope to be acting until Im playing the role of Grandma, and Id like to branch out in film - producing, directing, all of it. Ill sleep when no one wants to hire me!
— America Ferrera —

I have a great team. A lot of my focus every day is with my television and film career, directing and producing, and I guess you can say that my moonlighting gig is Tropfest. Obviously, when I am not working I am in the Tropfest office full-time.

— John Polson

Foxes was a movie that didn't do a lot of business but it didn't do too badly critically and eventually they offered me other things. The interesting thing was that next I tried a film called Star Man, which Michael Douglas was producing.

— Adrian Lyne

You have a schedule that you really have to stick to with TV and make sure that you are producing enough film for the network to edit through and air quickly.

— Amber Stevens

Cable television stations in America are now producing such smart, in-depth, non-formula, character-based dramas. Film has turned more and more into big action or cartoons.

— Gillian Armstrong

Lance Reddick Quotes: Im interested not just in projects that
I'm interested not just in projects that I'll be starring in, but producing film and TV that's really quality and great for adults; and when I say 'great for adults,' it doesn't mean without humor, because I'm also interested in doing comedy.

— Lance Reddick

I guess because I'm so young, I m not sure of what lies ahead for me. I'm more into going the route of producing and directing. I just made a little short film. I'm more excited about going the route of doing a Drew Barrymore or ... what's the one from 'Star Wars?'

— Heather Morris

Music is where I have the most creative freedom, but I love producing. To me, that's kind of where all the action is. You get a chance to have your hands in every aspect of a film. From picking a director, sometimes picking a writer, to the actors, the wardrobe, set design, editing, music, and marketing.

— Ice Cube

Carlos Ruiz Zafon Quotes: Mention the gothic and many readers will
Mention the gothic, and many readers will probably picture gloomy castles and an assortment of sinister Victoriana. However, the truth is that the gothic genre has continued to flourish and evolve since the days of Bram Stoker, producing some of its most interesting and accomplished examples in the 20th century - in literature, film and beyond.

— Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Catherine McCormack Quotes: Britain is producing some of the worst
Britain is producing some of the worst films in the world. Our film industry is desperate to be part of America, and we just churn out flaccid imitations of bad films over there.

— Catherine McCormack

My creative partner is a writer, and he's got an executive producing credit on this film. We've made three films together and I would never underestimate the impact of a writer.

— Taylor Hackford

Christine Vachon Quotes: In film producing there is an inherent
In film producing, there is an inherent tension between the director, the money and the producer, and that's what keeps it flowing and honest and accountable.

— Christine Vachon

So if I keep making mistakes on Broadway or tape or film, producing, directing or acting, I can go along and do it - so long as I'm not investing too much capital in these things.

— Jackie Cooper

I'm doing a Dylan Thomas film, Map of Love, with Mick Jagger producing again. It's a wonderful script.

— Dougray Scott

Anurag Kashyap Quotes: When im making a film i dont want my
When I'm making a film, I don't want my producer to be on the sets. So when I'm producing a film, I don't want to be on the sets!

— Anurag Kashyap

I know how gratifying it is not only to work in film but to be acknowledged by peers; producing '9 to 5' was an opportunity that I valued precisely because it's so rarely in the hands of women.

— Jane Fonda

I know it's good when I see a smaller film get recognized because it means more publicity for them. When you start producing and directing the movies become a little more like your children.

— Campbell Scott

Christina Ricci Quotes: When im acting in a film that im not
When I'm acting in a film that I'm not producing, I stay to myself.

— Christina Ricci

It's not just about acting. I love film, I'm a director now, I love writing, I love producing, I love having a company that makes films and to be prolific and have a place to put all the ideas that are constantly bubbling up inside of me and that don't let me sleep at night.

— Drew Barrymore

Fred Durst Quotes: Im obsessed by film im obsessed with
I'm obsessed by film. I'm obsessed with music and producing and making things happen.

— Fred Durst

Afia Nathaniel Quotes: Dont shy away from producing your own
Don't shy away from producing your own film and being in charge of its business end as well.

— Afia Nathaniel

I hope to be acting until I'm playing the role of Grandma, and I'd like to branch out in film - producing, directing, all of it. I'll sleep when no one wants to hire me!

— America Ferrera

I spent several years in the film finance business, but I returned to what I loved most about the industry - actual filmmaking, producing, writing and directing.

— Gabriel Campisi

Creating music, visual art, producing music and film are always at the forefront of my life.

— Matt Sorum

Bear McCreary Quotes: With television you are producing hours
With television you are producing hours and hours of music and for film it is a shorter experience for both the audience and for you as a composer.

— Bear McCreary

I love editing. I think I like it more than any other phase of film making. If I wanted to be frivolous, I might say that everything that precedes editing is merely a way of producing film to edit.

— Stanley Kubrick

I've learned so much from just being in film industry. I definitely want to stay in front of the camera and learn more from as many people as I can. Somewhere down the line, writing, directing and producing would be fantastic.

— Nico Tortorella

We got on a moving train there. That's more of a financing arrangement on that [Dracula] film. It would be disingenuous to say we're producing it. So it was really about getting into business with our partner at Universal.

— Thomas Tull

Unnamed entertainment industry moguls are now telling the New York Times that they intend never to work with Mel Gibson again. After all, how dare Mel Gibson challenge the public by producing a film that spurs public discussion, that pushes the envelope, that takes an old story to a new level. How dare Mel Gibson follow his own passion as a filmmaker. How dare he make $20 million on the opening day box office!

— Laura Ingraham

I flew over to Birmingham and did half a dozen scenes or so as a pastor in the film. I had a great time. I look forward to seeing the final version. I also am good friends with the Erwin Brothers who are co-directing and producing the film with Kevin. They also helped with Courageous. It's kind of a small little family in this arena and we love helping each other out.

— Alex Kendrick

There were a lot of unique challenges in producing the film, such as the logistical issues inherent in producing a long-term verite film in Pakistan, dealing with Urdu and Punjabi dialogue with an English-speaking editor and all the difficulties in recording, editing and clearing so many music tracks.

— Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

I feel lucky that Viceland wanted to make it, and I'm producing more than one film with LGBT characters and stories and it's because it's what I'm interested in. I'm not going to read a script and say, 'They're not gay, I'm not going to do it,' but I am interested in playing more gay people, because I've only played one gay person, and I've done a fair amount of movies, and I am interested in those stories. So for me, there's no should-I-or-shouldn't-I. It all feels natural.

— Ellen Page

I have been directing and involved in producing and the creating of films for quite a while as well as acting. I always think in terms of what the director needs, and not just for this scene but for the film.

— George Clooney

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