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Quotes About Fight Club

When I first started writing, there was no way Id write a sex scene. That just seemed impossible. Thats why in "Fight Club" all the sex happens off-screen. Its all just a noise on the other side of the wall or the ceiling. I just couldnt bring to write in a scene like that. So one of the challenges with "Choke" was I wanted to write sex scenes until I was really comfortable just writing them in a very mechanical way.
— Chuck Palahniuk —

It's like he's training you for battle or something." Her eyes lit up. "Hey, maybe he has some underground fight club and he's grooming you!"
"That's it, Steph. Definitely.

— Jessica Shirvington

I'm sorry, but why does Claire know how to take a punch? I'm not sure I like where this is going," Carter said nervously.
"Well, last year Jim made us watch Fight Club for like, the ten- thousandth time. And while I'm all for a little shirtless Brad Pitt action, Claire and I decided to take a shot every time Edward Norton talked in third person. By about twenty minutes in, we were trashed. I don't know whose idea it was, but Claire and I started our own fight club in the living room," Liz explained.
"It was your idea, Liz. You stood up in front of me, lifted your shirt and said "Punch me in the stomach as hard as you can, fucker.

— Tara Sivec

Much-derided chick lit, chick flicks, and chick magazines have left ambitious women in a bind. Why is it that I, a young woman, can read 'GQ,' enjoy 'Fight Club,' and subscribe to 'Thrillist,' while the idea of a guy doing the same with 'Glamour,' '27 Dresses' and 'Daily Candy' is nearly unheard of?

— Kathryn Minshew

They've been talking about Pi, which I haven't seen, they've been comparing it to Usual Suspects, Sixth Sense, and Fight Club, and I didn't see that either.

— Joe Pantoliano

So much of 'Fight Club' was a rant against fathers.

— Chuck Palahniuk

I get a lot of letters from women who insist that 'Fight Club' is not just a guy thing. They insist that women have the same rage and need the same outlet.

— Chuck Palahniuk

In 'Se7en' and 'Fight Club,' Fincher proved his suave mastery of film violence; in Zodiac, his way of clarifying the many clues in a murder thriller. As he showed in 'The Social Network,' the director also knows that no wound is more toxic than a friend's betrayal.

— Richard Corliss

The first rule of fight club is, you don't talk about fight club.

— Chuck Palahniuk

What you see at fight club is a generation of men raised by women.

— Chuck Palahniuk

Now this is the first rule of fight club: There is nothing a blue collar Nobody in Oregon with a public school education can imagine that a million-billion people haven't already done ...

— Chuck Palahniuk

After you've been to fight club, watching football on television is watching pornography when you could be having great sex.

— Chuck Palahniuk

Fight club exists only in the hours between when fight club starts and when fight club ends.

— Chuck Palahniuk

Dean Holder? Messy brown hair? Smoldering blue eyes? A temper straight out of Fight Club?

— Colleen Hoover

All these teachers and [screenwriting] books mean you see movies that have been worked over by more committees wielding more rules, that all originality and authorship is lost. That's why you're seeing superstars like Brad Pitt in THE FIGHT CLUB and Tom Cruise in MAGNOLIA. They're desperately searching for people writing and directing off-formula movies.

— Paul Schrader

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