Quotes About Fatness

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Quotes About Fatness

Theres 5 levels of fatness! Fluffy is one of the levels. Theres big, healthy, husky, fluffy and damn.
— Gabriel Iglesias —

But the romantic atmosphere only heightened his feeling of icy fatness.

— Nathanael West

In America, the fatness is not the fatness I was used to at home. Over there, the fatness was of bigness, just ordinary fatness you could understand because it meant the person ate well, fatness you could even envy. It was fatness that did not interfere with the body; a neck was still a neck, a stomach a stomach, an arm an arm, a buttock a buttock. But this American fatness takes it to a whole 'nother level: the body is turned into something else-the neck becomes a thigh, the stomach becomes an anthill, an arm a thing, a buttock a I don't even know what.

— NoViolet Bulawayo

Viv Anderson has pissed a fatness test.

— John Helm

An envious man waxeth lean with the fatness of his neighbors. Envy is the daughter of pride, the author of murder and revenge, the beginner of secret sedition and the perpetual tormentor of virtue. Envy is the filthy slime of the soul; a venom, a poison, or quicksilver which consumeth the flesh and drieth up the marrow of the bones.

— Socrates

Justice must be blind to the hardness or softness of a man's hands, as well as to the leanness or fatness of his pocketbook

— B.C. Forbes

Luxury is an obstacle, and so is the fatness of the body.

— Umar

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