Quotes About Fate Or Destiny

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Quotes About Fate Or Destiny

The message, if you think about it this way, is all about taking chances because fate or destiny or God will protect you. Take a risk, have a little faith. Its all about life, not death.
— Chris Bohjalian —

Honestly i don't understand the rousing of romance all that well. i used to believe in this thing called fate, or destiny. a romantic romeo and juliet, monet and veronica, etc. but now i feel jaded, maybe agnostic to the idea.
but choice used to seem so unromantic, as if some mystic force was not behind the meeting of 2 beautiful individuals. but now i think choice is the greater of the two simply for this fact: by choosing someone you are saying that out of all the people in the entire world i have decided that i want you apart of my life in perpetuum, for the rest of my life, and no one else.
no haphazard circumstance, no chance meetings where distant planets align. it's simply two rational individuals who make a choice and an effort to remain together.

— Stephen Christian

Maybe it was because I was raised in Appalachia, raised in faith and poverty and little else, but I believed in things like fate and destiny. I believed in angels, and I believed in God's ability to direct our paths, to guide us and move us in unseen ways, and I believed in miracles. Suddenly, Finn Clyde felt like a miracle, and I felt sure that Minnie had sent him to me.

— Amy Harmon

Destiny is a gift, something to rise to. Fate is something to make for yourself.

— Tera Lynn Childs

( ... ) he walked away understanding, ( ... ) how easily life can be one thing rather than another and how accidentally a destiny is made ... on the other hand, how accidental fate may seem when things can never turn out other than they do.

— Philip Roth

So, your saying choices and destiny shape the course of our lives? I think so, yes. It's just easier to blame fate for all of the mistakes.

— Gena Showalter

One way or another, I'd have come for you. Fate pushed us together, but destiny knew we belonged together. Now you just have to accept it

— Amelia Hutchins

Believe that God discarded you if you want to, fate or destiny or whatever, but at least know they loved you ...

— Isaac Marion

I loved Jack because of every little thing about him. The way he laughed, the way he made me smile, the way he'd stay up until nine in the morning watching zombie movies he'd seen a hundred times, and the way he could never hold a grudge. I loved him because I loved him, not because it was fate or destiny or in my blood, We had chosen each other, and that felt more powerful and more magical.

— Amanda Hocking

Love has no middle term; either it destroys, or it saves. All human destiny is this dilemma. This dilemma, destruction or salvation, no fate proposes more inexorably than love. Love is life, if it is not death. Cradle; coffin, too. The same sentiment says yes and no in the human heart. Of all the things God has made, the human heart is the one that sheds most light, and alas! most night.

— Victor Hugo

Let me here remind you that the essence of dramatic tragedy is not unhappiness. It resides in the solemnity of the remorseless working of things. This inevitableness of destiny can only be illustrated in terms of human life by incidents which in fact involve unhappiness. For it is by them that the futility of escape can be made evident in the drama. This remorseless inevitableness is what pervades scientific thought. The laws of physics are the decrees of fate.

— Alfred North Whitehead

Fate is a story that's been written for you by somebody else. By your parent's genes, by what happened to you when you were a child, by your culture, by the fact that you were born a man or a woman. Destiny is a story that you write.

— Alberto Villoldo

Was it fate? Was it destiny?" "I think it was Alan Blunt.

— Anthony Horowitz

Karma is not fate, for man acts with free will, creating his own destiny. The Vedas tell us, if we sow goodness, we will reap goodness; if we sow evil, we will reap evil. Karma refers to the totality of our actions and their concomitant reactions in this and previous lives, all of which determines our future.

— Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

I have searched for my forehead to find a secret writing about my fate and I found no trace of destiny, but my very own decisions!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

We reap what we sow. We are the makers of our own fate. The wind is blowing; those vessels whose sails are unfurled catch it, and go forward on their way, but those which have their sails furled do not catch the wind. Is that the fault of the wind? ... We make our own destiny.

— Swami Vivekananda

It is not that things happen to each of us according to his fate, but that he interprets what has happened, if he has power to do so, according to his sense of his own destiny .

— Cesare Pavese

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