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Quotes About Falling Asleep

Prayer is the lisping of the believing infant, the shout of the fighting believer, the requiem of the dying saint falling asleep in Jesus.
— Charles Spurgeon —

She had the the most extraordinary capacity for falling asleep at a moments notice. Any kind of pause in the routine was an excuse for a nap. I swear she was more cat than human.

— Chris Priestley

Thanks for staying with me last night," I said, stroking Toto's soft fur. "You didn't have to sleep on the bathroom floor."
"Last night was one of the best nights of my life."
I turned to see his expression. When I saw that he was serious, I shot him a dubious look. "Sleeping in between the toilet and the tub on a cold, hard tile floor with a vomiting idiot was one of your best nights? That's sad, Trav."
"No, sitting up with you when you're sick, and you falling asleep in my lap was one of my best nights. It wasn't comfortable, I didn't sleep worth a shit, but I brought in your nineteenth birthday with you, and you're actually pretty sweet when you're drunk."
"I'm sure between the heaving and purging I was very charming."
He pulled me close, patting Toto who was snuggled up to my neck. "You're the only woman I know that still looks incredible with your head in the toilet. That's saying something.

— Jamie McGuire

The mind cannot fall asleep as long as it watches itself. Only when the mind moves unwatched and becomes absorbed in images that tug it as it were to one side does self-consciousness dissolve and sleep with its healing, brilliantly detailed fictions pour in upon the jittery spirit. Falling asleep is a study in trust. Likewise, religion tries to put as ease with the world. Being human cannot be borne alone. We need other presences. We need soft night noises-a mother speaking downstairs. We need the little clicks and sighs of a sustaining otherness. We need the gods.

— John Updike

THIRD WATCHER Let her speak. Don't interrupt. She knows words that mermaids taught her ... I'm falling asleep in order to hear her ... Go on, sister, go on ... My heart aches because I wasn't you when you dreamed at the seashore ...

— Fernando Pessoa

I still fall asleep with the TV on, because I'm used to falling asleep with people yelling 'Action!' and 'Cut!'

— Jennifer Lynch

Don't blame you, said Marvin and counted five hundred and ninety-seven thousand million sheep before falling asleep again a second later.

— Douglas Adams

I fell asleep at my desk many times. This was when working on events-virtually every one I've done in the last 5 years. I was not confronting the writing of speeches. In fact, I was not wanting to confront what I was doing at the time-being irresponsible ... I am now known for falling asleep. This has happened 50 times in the last 5 years and probably 20 times at my desk in the last 2 years.

— Mike Rinder

People do get mad at me for falling asleep sometimes, and it's the most frustrating thing. I can't help it.

— Kurt Vile

You see the crowds. I mean, you don't see enthusiasm like that at a Hillary [Clinton] rally. People are falling asleep.

— Donald Trump

I read an hour almost every night. It's part of falling asleep.

— Bill Gates

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