Quotes About Fad Diets

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Quotes About Fad Diets

Im not into fad diets; Im not into depriving. I like fast food, and I like chocolate.
— Alyssa Sutherland —

The diet industry is making a lot of money selling us fad diets, nonfat foods full of chemicals, gym memberships, and pills while we lose a piece of our self-esteem every time we fail another diet or neglect to use the gym membership we could barely afford.

— Portia De Rossi

I'm not into fad diets; I'm not into depriving. I like fast food, and I like chocolate.

— Alyssa Sutherland

Linda Gray Quotes: I dont do fad things or diets they dont
I don't do fad things or diets - they don't work.

— Linda Gray

I'm truly blessed with great genes. I've never done anything drastic in my life, and I can proudly say I haven't tried any of those crazy fad diets, either. I believe in eating right and living healthy. Plus, I love going to the gym, and I enjoy yoga because it streamlines your body.

— Malaika Arora Khan

My biggest regret is putting my body through fad diets - Atkins, cleanses, the hCG diet.

— Jennie Garth

I don't believe in fad diets.

— Jenny Craig

While fad diets might seem like the quick-fix solution to lose weight, they won't help you get healthy in the long run.

— Daphne Oz

We spend enormous amounts of time and money on fad diets, expensive exercise machines, and health clubs. For many people, these things only demonstrate their preoccupation with the physical side of life ... but even more important is taking care of our souls.

— Billy Graham

Nathan Pritikin Quotes: The fad diets that many americans are on
The fad diets that many Americans are on are perfect if you want to be hungry all the time and miserable.

— Nathan Pritikin

Take your time. Some of these fad diets and quick fixes, they might be quick, but you're going to crash and burn.

— Julianne Hough

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