Quotes About Facial Hair

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Quotes About Facial Hair

Being Indian-American, I have tremendous potential to grow facial hair.
— Vivek Murthy —

I'm in the facial-hair phase of my career.

— Paul Gallagher

Who can resist this handsome mug?" He stroked his broad jaw and I tried my hardest not to nod along. "Complete with rapist facial hair," I added.

— Karina Halle

The secret to my 5 o'clock shadow is a little device called the George Michael 3000 Custom Beard Trimmer and Personal Massager. Just kidding. I actually shave every morning, and thanks to my vast knowledge of Eastern philosophy and mysticism, I will my facial hair to grow to the exact same length each day. Dave Grohl taught me that one.

— Reid Scott

What's interesting is a man with no facial hair is less intimidating than a man with facial hair, and a man who is bald is more intimidating than a man with hair.

— Bryan Cranston

It's true that people were told facial hair was not appreciated by the British public, but I just decided to keep the moustache.

— Bob Ainsworth

As for facial hair, I think I decided it was a good look after graduate school. I always shave it myself and trim my own beard. I change the look depending on the role. For 'Million Dollar Baby,' I had no facial hair. For 'Men in Black 3,' I had no facial hair but did wear a wig.

— Mike Colter

Men were created to have facial hair like women were created to be smooth-faced. Well, not all women. I've seen pockets where that's not the case, and that's not good.

— Jase Robertson

I guess, to tell you the truth, I've never had much of a desire to grow facial hair. I think I've managed to play quarterback just fine without a mustache.

— Peyton Manning

I've been waiting to have facial hair on camera for the longest time - I'm always playing teenagers, and I always have to shave. I'll let you in on a little secret: I have sensitive skin, and I'm a sensitive guy, so shaving is something that I don't look forward to.

— Dustin Milligan

I've had a beard a fair few times and, like most guys, when I shave the beard off I experiment with a few different facial hair styles on the way down to clean shaven. But I've never actually had a moustache for any longer than about 10-15 minutes - during the process of shaving off the beard.

— James Magnussen

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