Quotes About Ex Boyfriends

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Quotes About Ex Boyfriends

I collect ex-boyfriends and more than five, at last count.
— Jasper Fforde —

Macy: "Listen, I can't pretend to be the queen of good advice, here. I've had more boyfriends than I can count, and I'm not so sure that's any better than not having any. But I do know this. When you find someone who makes you smile and laugh, when you find someone who makes you feel safe, you shouldn't let that person go just because you're afraid."
Elle: "And you're not afraid of it ending?"
Macy: "Sure I am, But I'd rather have something this good for a little while than have nothing forever

— Megan Hart

You forgive me?" he asked, trailing hot kisses down my neck.
"Yes. But don't do it again. And don't stop kissing me."
"Got it. Let me apologize to you properly. Let me kiss you between the legs." Strong hands cupped my ass, pressing me against his erection. "I wanna lick you, Lena."
"You like doing that, don't you?" I asked, a little amazed. Past boyfriends had not rated the experience highly.
"Fuck yes. I love having you squirming against my face, rubbing your pussy on me.

— Kylie Scott

I loved when my boyfriends would call me their Amazon girl.

— Patti Hansen

Meena wasn't sure which she found more disturbing: that she'd been hunting her ex-boyfriend's murderous wife with a hair dryer beneath the streets of Manhattan, or that when she opened her eyes after having been knocked unconscious by this person, she realized she'd been rescued by another one of her ex-boyfriends.

— Meg Cabot

Are there moments when I see unrequited crushes or ex-boyfriends slow dancing with their dates and kind of want to stab myself in the spleen with a salad fork? Yeah, sure.

— Sloane Crosley

On tour, it's either call ex-boyfriends or tweet a lot. You're just looking for any proof that you're not completely alone.

— Chelsea Peretti

It was on the table when I got here," Matt said in his defense.
Josh eyed the open [Cosmo] magazine. "You don't already know how to satisfy your boyfriends in bed?"
Matt ignored this. "Did either of you know there's ninety-nine ways to give a blow job? That's ninety-nine nights of blow jobs."
"Look at you with the math skills," Josh said.
Matt flipped him off while Ty flipped the page. "'How to Give Your Hoo-Ha a Spa Day.' Huh," he said. "I didn't know a woman's hoo-ha needed a spa day.

— Jill Shalvis

It has taken me a long time to work out the function of ex-boyfriends, at least for me: how they can help you work out what you want from life and from a partner by showing you what you don't. If a man is your ex, it's better all round if he was not Mr. Right.

— Nicola Monaghan

I mean everybody's got ex-boyfriends and girlfriends. Everybody's got baggage.

— Nina Dobrev

Even the people I surround myself with ... are wiser, a little bit older than me, where before, all my boyfriends were younger.

— Kim Kardashian

She felt vulnerable and alone and had a sense that a great opportunity was slipping through her fingers. Once again, she felt that life was not treating her as it treated other people: it gave her every chance to achieve something, and just when she was close to her objective, the ground opened up and swallowed her. That's how it had been with her studies, with certain boyfriends, with certain dreams she had never shared with anyone.

— Paulo Coelho

A girl I fall in love with will not have been like I was. I would like the girl who's had serious boyfriends, with maybe a wild phase where she had a couple one-night stands and that was that. Not the one who went for it like I did.

— Stephen Dorff

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