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Quotes About Everyone Dies

Everyone dies. I just choose the time and place for some of them!
— Gaston Leroux —

Everyone dies. It is how one lives that matters.

— R.A. Salvatore

Death is more universal than life. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives

— Chris Bradford

If there were one sentence that explained everything you feel right now, what would it be?" I thought about it for a second. "I fucking hope that everyone dies.

— Katie Heaney

Humans are only one species of millions. To kill millions of species for the benefit of one is insane, just as killing millions of people for the benefit of one person would be insane. And since unimpeded ecological collapse would kill off humans anyway, those species will ultimately have died for nothing, and the planet will take millions of years to recover. Rapid collapse is ultimately good for humans because at least some people survive. And remember, the people who need the system to come down the most are the rural poor in the majority of the world: the faster the actionists can bring down industrial civilization, the better the prospects for those people and their landbases. Regardless, without immediate action, everyone dies.

— Aric McBay

Everything changes, it all stays the same,
Everyone guilty, no one to blame,
Every way out, brings you back to the start,
Everyone dies to break somebody's heart ...

— Motorhead

My mother helped me to get past that. She was always there for me, until she dies. I remember she told me once, about big hearts and small hearts, and that not everyone could be blessed with a big one that had room to care for a lot of people. She promised me that mine was big, and that I was the lucky one for it.

— Johanna Lindsey

You can rewrite life all you want, Sandy thought,. It's still a play where everyone dies in the end.

— Laura Lippman

Pretend to be mad and talk a lot. Then - and this is the important bit - do nothing at all until you absolutely have to and then make sure everyone dies.

— Jasper Fforde

Everyone dies, but in the end it comes down to what you are willing to die for, Alexandria.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

We all die. Not everyone dies for a reason.

— Leigh Bardugo

When a person dies, he disappears, along with his past, current lifestyle, and his future. Many people die in missions and wars. They die easily and in surprisingly simple ways. Hayate was one of them. Those who died had hopes and dreams, but everyone has something as important as those: parents, siblings, friends, lovers; people who are important to you, they trust and help each other. The bond between the people important to you ever since birth and the string that binds them becomes thicker and stronger as time goes by ... It's beyond reason. Those bound to you by that string will do that because it is important.

— Masashi Kishimoto

Everyone dies young.

— Marty Rubin

That's the kind of stories I know. Sad ones. Anyway, taken to it's logical conclusion, every story is sad, because at the end everyone dies.

— Margaret Atwood

Demon's coming! Everyone dies. Except for her useless father. He'll live for ever.

— Maggie Stiefvater

We loved it. We loved how slow it was. We love that it took forever. Actually, we never wanted it to end. We loved the jungle, the rafts, the ridiculous armor and helmets ... I think most of all we loved that it didn't have a happy ending for anyone. The whole time we were sort of expecting that someone would survive because that's how stories work: Even if everything is a total disaster, someone lives to tell the tale. But not with Aguirre, the Wrath of God. Hell no. Everyone dies. That's awesome.

— Jesse Andrews

Everyone dies whether one is good in their lifetime or evil in their lifetime. So virtue has no payback. Life is meaningless. When you die, you die!

— Gerry Lindgren

Happy Easter everyone! Jesus dies, comes back from the dead - and we get chocolate eggs. It's like turn-down service from God.

— Denis Leary

Everyone always dies for his country. If you have lived in it, well and wisely and actively, you die for it too.

— Jean Giraudoux

I've always been fascinated by dark subjects, especially people's reactions to them. Why are people so uncomfortable talking about death if everyone dies?

— Anthony Jeselnik

Everyone dies. Everyone leaves. What matters is the things you build together before they go. What matters is the part of them that continues in you when they're gone.

— Orson Scott Card

On social media there's this thing where on many occasions, there's a single proscribed way of acting. Like if somebody dies, everyone has to say "R.I.P.! R.I.P.!" Basically they're saying, "Don't hurt me, I'm a good person."

— Jon Ronson

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