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Quotes About Ethnic Groups

During the long process of history, by relying on our own diligence, courage and wisdom, Chinese people have opened up a good and beautiful home where all ethnic groups live in harmony and fostered an excellent culture that never fades.
— Xi Jinping —

People define themselves in terms of ancestry, religion, language, history, values, customs, and institutions. They identify with cultural groups: tribes, ethnic groups, religious communities, nations, and, at the broadest level, civilizations. People use politics not just to advance their interests but also to define their identity. We know who we are only when we know who we are not and often only when we know whom we are against.

— Samuel P. Huntington

Some of the worst violence in the world today between estranged religious and ethnic groups happens not on the battlefields. It happens smack in the middle of living rooms and between people who share a lot, who have a lot in common.

— Miroslav Volf

African Americans are one of the oldest ethnic groups in this country. We been here since the beginning. Before the beginning.

— Ta-Nehisi Coates

People would like to see peace and stability, and that is why we have had engagement with the ethnic armed groups. That's why our reform process is based on the wishes and the will of the people.

— Thein Sein

Southerners are also like ethnic groups in that they have a sense of group identity.

— John Shelton Reed

I would like to do a series about sequencing the human genome, and also analyze more human diversity among other ethnic groups - a 'Faces of America 2.'

— Henry Louis Gates

Today different ethnic groups and different nations come together due to common sense.

— Dalai Lama

Donald Trump tests the limits of campaign speech. He makes false statements and refuses to correct them. He attacks other religions and ethnic groups, inflaming domestic tension and foreign terrorist rage.

— David Ignatius

Groups that rose from poverty to prosperity seldom did so by having their own racial or ethnic leaders to follow.

— Thomas Sowell

We must dispel the negative and harmful atmosphere that has been created by avaricious and unprincipled realtors who engage in "blockbusting." If we had in America really serious efforts to break down discrimination in housing, and at the same time a concerted program of government aid to improve housing for Negroes, I think that many white people would be surprised at how many Negroes would choose to live among themselves, exactly as Poles and Jews and other ethnic groups do.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

So much were employers of wage-labor unenthusiastic about proletarianization that, in addition to fostering the gender age division of labor, they also encouraged, in their employment patters and through their influence in the political arena, recognition of defined ethnic groups, seeking to link them to specific allocated roles in the labor-force, with different levels of real remuneration for their work. Ethnicity created a cultural crust which consolidated the patterns of semi-proletarian household structures.

— Immanuel Wallerstein

Though representatives of many ethnic groups came together in the United States, English became their common language. Apparently, this was a natural choice. One can imagine what would have happened if members of each nation moving to the U.S. had spoken only their own tongues and refused to learn English.

— Mikhail Gorbachev

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