Quotes About Early Birds

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Quotes About Early Birds

Avoiding Shipwreck Let me emblazon your name upon The blue sky, because I love you. I wish to please you, In any way, as many ways as I can ... . I will etch your name into the sand, Because I adore you. I shall conduct the early birds dawn chorus, Because you make MY heart sing just so. I want you and I to sit And watch the sun come up, Creating that warm glow that you emit, Because you love me.
— Michelle Geaney —

I've just been playing the Trout Quintet on the phonograph. Listening to the andantino makes me want to be a trout myself. You can't help rejoicing and laughing, however moved or sad you feel, when you see the springtime clouds in the sky, the budding branches, moved by the wind, in the bright early sunlight. I'm really looking forward to the spring again. In that piece of Schubert's you can positively feel and smell the breeze and hear the birds and the whole of creation shouting for joy.

— Sophie Scholl

I got up to get us a drink of water and as I stood in the kitchen in the early morning light, running the water out of the tap, I looked out at the hills at the back of the town, at the trees on the hills, at the bushes in the garden, at the birds, at the brand new leaves on a branch, at a cat on a fence, at the bits of wood that made the fence, and I wondered if everything I saw, if maybe every landscape we casually glanced at, was the outcome of an ecstasy we didn't even know was happening, a love-act moving at a speed slow and steady enough for us to be deceived into thinking it was just everyday reality.

— Ali Smith

The earth provides us a brand new beginning every twenty-four hours. It is a repeated invitation to breathe in the cool morning air and start afresh; to mimic the sunrise and brighten up while reaching once more for the sky; to carry a glad song in our heart like the early birds; and, as faithfully as the morning dew, to wash off the dust from yesterday.

— Richelle E. Goodrich

Every angel is terrible. And yet, alas
I welcome you, almost fatal birds of the soul,
knowing about you.
If the archangel came now, the perilous one,
from the back of the stars but one step lower and
toward us,
our own high beating heart would slay us. Who are you?
You early successes, spoiled darlings of creation ...

— Rainer Maria Rilke

How beautiful, buoyant, and glad is morning! The first sunshine on the leaves: the first wind, laden with the first breath of the flowers-that deep sigh with which they seem to waken from sleep; the first dew, untouched even by the light foot of the early hare; the first chirping of the rousing birds, as if eager to begin song and flight; all is redolent of the strength given by rest, and the joy of conscious life.

— Letitia Elizabeth Landon

Wisdom teaches us that none but birds should go out early, and that not even birds should do it unless they are out of worms.

— Mark Twain

Late birds get worms while early birds get tired.

— Judith Viorst

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