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Quotes About Down To Earth

A bird can fly as high as it wants but it eventually has to come down to earth and get some water ... and when it comes down to get that water thats when you strike.
— Kimbo Slice —

Our souls are made of water, Goethe says. So too, our bodies. There is a flow within us, rising and falling, unidirectional, to the heart. there is a flow without also. We circulate. We are drawn up, and we fall back down to earth again. It's all haemodynamics.

— J.M. Ledgard

I'm very down to Earth, I'm just not from this Earth.

— Karl Lagerfeld

I fell into that kiss like Alice into Wonderland, headfirst and flailing, heart pounding the whole time. The world spun around me and still I fell, and I only crashed down to earth again when someone called my name.

— Rachel Vincent

Nonchalance is the ability to remain down to earth when everything else is up in the air.

— Earl Wilson

Authors are really polite and down to earth, it's just people always have a sarcastic and bully approach towards them. There is nothing wrong in being expressive and intellectual, Writers only differ in perceptions.. Reserve and lost in their own created world, those who know them personally, they know.. what I mean ... ?

— Himmilicious

I have always tried to write in a simple way, using down-to-earth and not abstract words.

— Georges Simenon

A bard's down-to-earth love: My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun; Coral is far more red and when she walks, treads on the ground ...

— John Geddes

In time, the Deity perceived that death was a mistake; a mistake, in that it was insufficient; insufficient, for the reason that while it was an admirable agent for the inflicting of misery upon the survivor, it allowed the dead person himself to escape from all further persecution in the blessed refuge of the grave. This was not satisfactory. A way must be conceived to pursue the dead beyond the tomb.
The Deity pondered this matter during four thousand years unsuccessfully, but as soon as he came down to earth and became a Christian his mind cleared and he knew what to do. He invented hell, and proclaimed it.

— Mark Twain

I look at every girl, and I think, 'You're going to change my life.' I'm very down to earth at heart.

— Tristan MacManus

Children who have been in work for a long time suddenly get a thud down to earth once the cuteness fades, hips widen, voices drop and jawlines strengthen.

— Jessie Cave

If somebody can create an absolute system of beliefs and rules of conduct that will guide a business man at eleven o'clock in the morning, a boy trying to select a career, a woman in an unhappy love affair
well then, surely no pragmatist will object. He insists only that philosophy shall come down to earth and be tried out there.

— Walter Lippmann

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