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Quotes About Discretion

Forgiveness is the best part of valor ... Discretion is easy. Its finding the courage to forgive yourself and others that is hard. [Acheron]
— Sherrilyn Kenyon —

The discretion of the watcher versus the privacy of the watched was just another arms race; this one, I could see, would run and run.

— Ken MacLeod

Every man has his dignity. I'm willing to forget mine, but at my own discretion and not when someone else tells me to.

— Denis Diderot

A comma ... catches the gentle drift of the mind in thought, turning in on itself and back on itself, reversing, redoubling, and returning along the course of its own sweet river music; while the semicolon brings clauses and thoughts together with all the silent discretion of a hostess arranging guests around her dinner table.

— Pico Iyer

Discretion is the survival one needs around friends who admires you but hate your hapiness and success, and would do anything so that you are not up to them or better than them.

— Darmie Orem

The most important effect of all this was to leave the determination as to which ships were to be spared, which to be sunk, to the discretion of individual U-boat commanders. Thus a lone submarine captain, typically a young man in his twenties or thirties, ambitious, driven to accumulate as much sunk tonnage as possible, far from his base and unable to make wireless contact with superiors, his vision limited to the small and distant view afforded by a periscope, now held the power to make a mistake that could change the outcome of the entire war. As

— Erik Larson

Discretion is the better part of not getting exsanguinated.

— Jim Butcher

I confess myself utterly at a loss in suggesting particular reforms in our ways of teaching. No discretion that can be lodged with a school-committee, with the overseers or visitors of an academy, of a college, can at all avail to reach these difficulties and perplexities, but they solve themselves when we leave institutions and address individuals.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Great is our admiration of the orator who speaks with fluency and discretion.

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

Discretion is a girl's best friend. Learn when to use it, and when to let it slip.

— Jennifer Megan Varnadore

I can scarcely contemplate a greater calamity that could befall this country, than be loaded with a debt exceeding their ability ever to discharge. If this be a just remark, it is unwise and improvident to vest in the general government a power to borrow at discretion, without any limitation or restriction.

— Marcus Junius Brutus The Younger

Ah, the truth, what a thing it is! I sacrifice so much for it, with people: I forego, for truth's sake, discretion, loyalty, diplomacy, tact, polite manners, elegance, grace, poise, balance, good taste, conformity, image-role, fashionableness, polish, confidences, promises, ambition, consistency, identity, clarity, comprehensibleness, good will, hypocrisy, and lots of other things
amass sacrifice, at truth's altar. God! is truth worth it? I hope it is. It better be, in fact.

— Marvin L. Cohen

Equality before the law in a true democracy is a matter of right. It cannot be a matter of charity or of favor or of grace or of discretion.

— Wiley Blount Rutledge

I consider it ... as subverting the fundamental and characteristic principle of the Government ... and as bidding defiance to the sense in which the Constitution is known to have been proposed, advocated, and adopted. If Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the General Welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one.

— James Madison

It is good discretion not make too much of any man at the first; because one cannot hold out that proportion.

— Francis Bacon

Sometimes we meet a fool with wit, never one with discretion.

— Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Charity puts and end to poverty; righteous conduct to misery; discretion to ignorance; and scrutiny to fear.

— Chanakya

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