Quotes About Discovering The New World

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Quotes About Discovering The New World

Poetry is difficult, I mean interesting poetry, not confessional babble or emotive propaganda. Reading a new poet is discovering an entire world, what Stevens called a mundo and it takes a lot of time to orientate oneself in such a world. What we have to learn to do then, as teachers and militants of a poetic insurgency, is to encourage people to learn to love the difficulty of poetry. I simply do not understand much of the poetry that I love.
— Simon Critchley —

It wasn't the New World that mattered ... Columbus died almost without seeing it; and not really knowing what he had discovered. It's life that matters, nothing but life - the process of discovering, the everlasting and perpetual process, not the discovery itself, at all.

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The scientist is also a composer ... You could think of science as discovering one particular thing - a supernova or whatever. You could also think of it as discovering this whole new way of seeing the world.

— Lisa Randall

Perhaps the future of the world would be in better hands if we forgot about discovering something new and concentrated on recovering our past.

— Marlo Morgan

Staying enthused about finding things; discovering new beauty in the world that can translate into music. That's the most precious sort of resource. You have to pull stuff from outside of the musical realm. Whatever muscle it is that it takes to listen to music and stay focused, in me, is really strong.

— Blake Mills

When I did TV, I only did little guest parts, and it hasn't been that long. There is a kind of pressure in this job that comes from your work every day being there forever. But this is all part of the brand-new world that I'm discovering.

— Emma Stone

The explorers seek happiness in finding curiosities, discovering new lands and undergoing risks in adventures. They are thrilling. But where is pleasure found? Only within. Pleasure is not to be sought in the external world.

— Ramana Maharshi

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