Quotes About Differences In Society

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Quotes About Differences In Society

Humor helps ease the tension of race and the differences in society. If there wasnt comedy I dont know if Obama could have ever become president.
— Marlon Wayans —

We have held the peculiar notion that a person or society that is a little different from us, whoever we are, is somehow strange or bizarre, to be distrusted or loathed. Think of the negative connotations of words like alien or outlandish. And yet the monuments and cultures of each of our civilizations merely represent different ways of being human. An extraterrestrial visitor, looking at the differences among human beings and their societies, would find those differences trivial compared to the similarities.

— Carl Sagan

As a society, we pick words that are offensive based on what we're most afraid of. We associate sounds with some dangerous idea, and right now the most dangerous thing to us are the differences between us.

— Richard Dooling

The differences between the sexes are the single most important fact of human society.

— George Gilder

Mainstream American society finds it easiest to be tolerant when the outsider chooses to minimize the differences that separate him from the majority. The country club opens its doors to Jews. The university welcomes African-Americans. Heterosexuals extend the privilege of marriage to the gay community.

— Malcolm Gladwell

Education must be a great equaliser in our society. It must be the tool to level the differences that our various social systems have created over the past thousands of years.

— Rajiv Gandhi

American feminists have generally stressed the ways in which men and women should be equal and have therefore tried to put aside differences ... Social feminists [in Europe]believe that men and society at large should provide systematic support to women in recognition of their dual role as mothers and workers.

— Sylvia Ann Hewlett

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