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Quotes About Destinations

I thought nothing at all, but I felt an immense sadness, as when two parts of ones past existence, which have been anchored near to one, and upon which one has perhaps been basing idly from day to day an unacknowledged hope, remove themselves finally, with a joyous flapping of pennants, for unknown destinations, like a pair of ships. As
— Marcel Proust —

Bloody men are like bloody buses
You wait for about a year
And as soon as one approaches your stop
Two or three others appear.
You look at them flashing their indicators,
Offering you a ride.
You're trying to read the destinations,
You haven't much time to decide.
If you make a mistake, there is no turning back.
Jump off, and you'll stand there and gaze
While the cars and the taxis and lorries go by
And the minutes, the hours, the days.

— Wendy Cope

Do you know, I always imagine that the subway trains are dragons,' Rose said to Bear as they clung to his coat for support in the swaying car. 'Tearing back and forth across the city in their underground caves, devouring people and spitting them out at random destinations.

— Regina Doman

All the gods know is destinations.

— Sylvia Plath

You get funky things in Goa, so I like shopping there. Paris and Milan are also my preferred shopping destinations.

— Karisma Kapoor

Martin Buber said, 'All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.

— Frances Mayes

I asked, "You mean, you might as well spend your life going upward, through the happy places, since heaven and hell - the destinations - are the same thing anyway?"
"Same - same," he said. "Same in end, so better to be happy on journey."
I said, "So, if heaven is love, then hell is ... "
"Love, too," he said.

— Elizabeth Gilbert

I have many favorite vacation destinations, but my favorite destination is Maui.

— Bobby Lee

Being an innovator is something that most people just won't get. It's still yummy doing this thang over here though. The older I get I've come to place where I just love to create so much that I do me regardless of what it looks like to anyone else. Just think: The people in the world who just know they'll make it (In their way) regardless- Always make it to their chosen destinations. It's wonderful to see. So DO you always, And do so unapologetically with happiness! Peace and love.

— Sereda Aleta Dailey

I am traveling less in order to be able to write more. I select my travel destinations according to their degree of usefulness to my work.

— Jose Saramago

Public work does not cut into personal creativity. They are streams from the same river but with different destinations.

— Grace Cavalieri

Crystal Cruises has individually crafted each European cruise itinerary to provide a rich combination of destinations with more overnight stays and more time in ports. Whether taking a shorter seven-day jaunt or combining several unique cruises to create the ultimate European exploration, luxury travelers will enjoy the grandeur of Europe and the warmth and luxury of the Crystal experience.

— Bill Smith

Life is like the rungs on a ladder. The reason they are placed so close together is that we can learn to take baby steps and reach our destinations safely.

— Tom Baker

I would like to expand my brand to include destinations in Vegas and also become an entertainment news correspondent.

— Holly Madison

Fascism may be good at making the trains run on time, but you wouldn't like some of the destinations.

— Terry Pratchett

I would like to get out to the region in the Caspian sea. I would like to go there. I would like to get to Darfur. I would like to get to Khartoum in Northern Sudan. I would like to get to Zimbabwe. I would like to go back to North Korea, if I could. I would like to go to Yemen. I would like to get to Kashmir. Most of those destinations I will get to.

— Henry Rollins

Success and happiness are not destinations, they are exciting, never-ending journeys.

— Zig Ziglar

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