Quotes About Deniers

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Quotes About Deniers

The obvious reductio ad absurdum is Holocaust deniers: Should their perspective be provided, for "balance," any time someone writes about the Holocaust?
— Chris Mooney —

Many climate change deniers would have you believe that addressing climate change is all pain and no gain. This is simply not true. We can tackle this challenge while improving our personal health and the health of our economy. These are not competing interests; they go hand in hand.

— Paul Tonko

As other (previously lost) eyewitness accounts verifying Hitler's and the Nazis' detailed plans to annihilate the Jewish people are recovered by historians each passing decade, Holocaust deniers' attempts to defend the Third Reich against accusations of genocide become more and more feeble. No, make that more and more laughable.

— James Morcan

Parents of recovered children, and I've met hundreds, all share the same experience of doubters and deniers telling us our child must have never even had autism or that the recovery was simply nature's course. We all know better, and frankly we're too busy helping other parents to really care.

— Jenny McCarthy

The hypocrisy and false piety of the deniers aside, the relationships of gays have no effect on heteros. Especially all the heteros who've done such a marvelous job of debasing marriage on their own all these many years.

— John Ridley

I don't like being called a denier because deniers don't believe in facts. There are no facts linking the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide with imminent catastrophic global warming there are only predictions based on complex computer models.

— David Bellamy

The climate-change deniers are rapidly ending up with as much intellectual credibility as creationists and Flat Earthers ... they are nudging close to having the moral credibility of Holocaust deniers.

— Johann Hari

I do think it's often a mistake to call them climate skeptics. I think they're deniers, just as I think president Ahmadinejad of iran who claims not to believe that the Holocaust occurred.

— Thomas Schelling

The most effective solution is to vote! Vote the climate-change-deniers out of office. Then, for John Q. Public, it's all about energy conservation: use less, because most of what we're consuming is from fossilized carbon!

— Wesley K. Wark

An Inconvenient Truth is so convincing that it makes opposers of the argument as credible as Holocaust deniers.

— Jon Niccum

There are bound to be deniers. Whenever you set up a thesis there's bound to be somebody who comes the opposite way ... like Holocaust deniers.

— Pete Postlethwaite

Despite the international scientific community's consensus on climate change, a small number of critics continue to deny that climate change exists or that humans are causing it. Widely known as climate change "skeptics" or "deniers," these individuals are generally not climate scientists and do not debate the science with the climate scientists ...

— David Suzuki

Climate change is a real deal. So, hey deniers - cut it out, and let's get to work.

— Bill Nye

Climate deniers are clearly the fringe group and need to see a proctologist to find their heads.

— Vinod Khosla

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