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Quotes About Delicacy

Promises XI. A Companion Picture XII. The Fellow of Delicacy XIII. The Fellow of No Delicacy XIV. The Honest Tradesman
— Charles Dickens —

At the root of Japanese manufacturing lies a feminine delicacy and shyness as well as a childlike curiosity and fantasy-filled worldview.

— Morinosuke Kawaguchi

Speech, originally, was the device whereby Man learned, imperfectly, to transmit the thoughts and emotions of his mind. By setting up arbitrary sounds and combinations of sounds to represent certain mental nuances, he developed a method of communication - but one which in its clumsiness and thick-thumbed inadequacy degenerated all the delicacy of the mind into gross and guttural signaling

— Isaac Asimov

How to Love the Dead
She lives, the bird says, and means nothing
silly. She is dead and available
the fox says, knowing about the spirits.
Not the picture at the funeral,
not the object of grieving. She is dead
and you can have that, he says. If you can
love without politeness or delicacy,
the fox says, love her with your wolf heart.
As the dead are to be desired.
Not the way long marriages are,
nothing happening again and again,
Not in the woods or in the fields.
Not in the cities. The painful love of being
permanently unhoused. Not the color, but the stain.

— Jack Gilbert

The retriever took each bit of meat from his master's hand with a delicacy almost equal to that of a hummingbird sipping sugar water from a garden feeder, and when it was all gone, he gazed up at Dusty with an adoration that could not have been much less than the love with which the angels regard God.

— Dean Koontz

There are certain tribes in the middle Sepik that eat raw bat. A certain kind of raw bat is a delicacy.

— Lily King

Perhaps there is nothing greater on earth than the sacrifice of youth and beauty, often of high birth, made by the gentle sex in order to work in hospitals for the relief of human misery, the sight of which is so revolting to our delicacy. Peoples separated from the Roman religion have imitated but imperfectly so generous a charity.

— Voltaire

[French] authors are more afraid of offending delicacy and rules, than ambitious of sublimity.

— Horace Walpole

Are not beauty and delicacy the same?

— E. M. Forster

An appearance of delicacy, and even fragility, is almost essential to beauty.

— Edmund Burke

Delicacy in woman is strength.

— Georg C. Lichtenberg

America has a new delicacy, a coarse, rank refinement.

— Gilbert K. Chesterton

What king has he not taught state, as Talma taught Napoleon? What maiden has not found him finer than her delicacy? What lover has he not outloved? What sage has he not outseen? What gentleman has he not instructed in the rudeness of his behavior?

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

An oyster, that marvel of delicacy, that concentration of sapid excellence, that mouthful bwefore all other mouthfuls, who first had faith to believe it, and courage to execute? The exterior is not persuasive.

— Henry Ward Beecher

It is upon record, that three centuries ago the tongue of the Right Whale was esteemed a great delicacy in France, and commanded large prices there.

— Herman Melville

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