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Quotes About Decided

After I left here on Saturday, I decided never to see you again." He was sliding the frittata under the broiler, so she could only see his profile, but damn if he didnt appear to be smirking. "I know that, darling. It wounds my pride you wont go out with me, but I can console myself with the knowledge that when you do see me, you cant keep your knickers on for ten minutes running." She threw her cookie at him, feigning indignation. "You bastard! Are you calling me easy?" "I like you easy. Besides, youre not to blame. Whod want to wear wet knickers?
— Ruthie Knox —

Alex, I don't want to date you. I don't want you to be my girlfriend. I don't want us to be together for just a little while. I want you forever. I want us to look at each other, and say we love each other, and decide to be together forever. Alex ... I want to spend our lives together. If we ever decided we want to have kids, I want it to be me and you.

— Charles Sheehan-Miles

Cairn Stone
This is the rock he lifted
to lay upon a cairn
in a high place.
This rock, warmed by the near sun,
felt right, somehow, in his hand.
He decided to carry it down
to his mother, who lay in bed,
It is so easy to please
a mother. Just to think of her
for a moment, from a high place,
and to carry that thought to her
in the form of a stone.

— Claudia Putnam

Claudia knew that she could never pull off the old-fashioned kind of running away. That is, running away in the heat of anger with a knapsack on her pack. She didn't like discomfort; even picnics were untidy and inconvenient: all those insects and the sun melting the icing on the cupcakes. Therefore, she decided that her leaving home would not be just running from somewhere but would be running to somewhere.

— E.L. Konigsburg

A long time ago," said Michael, "I decided never to fall in love again. I have made of desire an anonymous activity." "But not to feel ... not to love ... is like dying within life, Michael.

— Anaïs Nin

But, you know, sometimes - many - they all understand. That's the nice thing. They were all very happy for me and they understand why I decided to come to CNN. So in that respect, I know that they think it's the best thing for me to do.

— Connie Chung

LATER.-I must go to Germany. At midnight Murrow phoned from London with the news. The British and French have decided they will not fight for Czechoslovakia and are asking Prague to surrender unconditionally to Hitler and turn over Sudetenland to Germany. I protested to Ed that the Czechs wouldn't accept it, that they'd fight alone ... . Maybe so. I hope you're right. But in the meantime Mr. Chamberlain is meeting Hitler at Godesberg on Wednesday and we want you to cover that. If there's a war, then you can go back to Prague.

— William L. Shirer

The past was what we carried with us, threaded to the future, and we decided whether to keep it close or let it go. Fate was both what we were given and what we made for ourselves.

— Alice Hoffman

By the middle of the novel I decided that what two people don't say to each other forges a stronger bond than honest.

— Chuck Palahniuk

Too much power. Too much. Even the Blood weren't meant to wield this much power. Even Witch had never controlled this much power. This one did. This young Queen. This daughter of his soul. With effort, Saetan steadied his breathing. He could accept her. He could love her. Or he could fear her. The decision was his, and whatever he decided here, now, he would have to live with.

— Anne Bishop

It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. How the artist captured the light, the details of my mother's dimples, the joy in my father's eyes, all through gentle strokes from his palette. The artist made me look alive when I felt lonely and grim inside. That's the way this man saw me. I decided then that that's what I wanted to do

— Ellen Schreiber

I don't think Bono decided to be ambitious, he just is. But if this country ever ran out of electricity, just shove a plug up his hole and it would run for a week.

— Gavin Friday

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