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Quotes About Cute Laughs

I squeak when he lifts me up and over his shoulder. Smacking my ass so hard it tingles, he says, "I told you, girl. I am lucky." He throws me down onto the bed and I giggle. Freeze. Hold the hell up. I gasp and Ash chuckles. I whisper, "Did I- I think that was- I cant believe I just-" "I think you just giggled," he smirks, thoroughly amused. Shaking my head, I lie, "No, it wasnt. I dont giggle. It was gas." Ash throws his head back and laughs hard. I cant help but laugh with him. He runs a hand through his hair. "Only you would think that giggling is worse than farting." Shaking his head, he mutters, "Too damn cute.
— Belle Aurora —

Trick." I say a little louder.
"Shhh, sleep baby." He mumbles. I laugh and smack his arm.
"Wake up. I can feel your morning wood." This gets his attention and he sits up, taking me with him. The arms wrapped around my middle graze my breasts as he shifts up and a tingle shoots straight between my legs.
"God, Caroline, I'm so ... " He stops, probably realizing that he doesn't have morning wood, "I don't have ... " He's actually pretty cute all sleepy. He laughs.
"I know but I couldn't figure out how else to get your attention." I shrug.

— K. Larsen

Is this a habit of yours?" he asks.
"Dropping stuff whenever you first see me? It's kind of cute. Flattering," he adds, straightening while easily holding all of my stuff in his giant arms.
I've recovered enough to roll my eyes. "Maybe the habit is connected to your urge to rifle through my private things every time you see me?"
"It's possible. Your stuff is so randomly interesting." He eyes my science kit and then scans through the pile of papers in his hands. "You got any other lists that need checking off? College tuition aside, I'm also trying to save for a new car." He laughs.

— Anne Eliot

The laughs mean more to me than the adoration. If two girls walk up to me and one says 'you're cute', I'll say thank you, but I appreciate it much more when the other one says 'you make me laugh so much'.

— Michael J. Fox

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