Quotes About Culpability

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Quotes About Culpability

Why would a man not argue his own shameful culpability, why would he not crave responsibility for disaster, when the alternative was to feel himself to be nothing more than a speck of human dust?
— Julie Orringer —

Memories are often pruned and shaped by an ego-enhancing bias that blurs the edges of past events, softens culpability, and distorts what really happened.

— Jonathan Gottschall

All my sins were trapped between its covers. And the damn thing just wouldn't go away. I'd tried to escape culpability, and my culpability had had the nerve to take on a life of its own and hunt me.

— Karen Marie Moning

It's hard to determine where lies culpability.

— Roger Mahony

They must accept responsibility, recognizing that responsibility is not the same as culpability.

— Stephen King

In the search for culpability for the tragedy in Ferguson, I mostly blame politicians.

— Rand Paul

The rich believe that they're different and that it is their right to pay a much lower tax rate. The response that you see from people on Wall Street, their dismissal and their almost contempt for the concerns about their culpability in the financial crisis, about the income inequality, shows that they are completely out of touch.

— Robin Wells

It is convenient for Hillary Clinton and Tony Blair to say the rise of the Islamic State has nothing to do with the Iraq War because that takes the culpability off their shoulders. The Islamic State is a product of the Iraq War. It took about a 100 years to build the Iraqi state, and the Americans and the British destroyed it in an afternoon.

— Vijay Prashad

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