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Quotes About Crunchy

I happen to love coconut, particularly for that sweet and crunchy texture it adds to any dish.
— Marcus Samuelsson —

It was an excellent coat. It was long, grey, suspiciously blotched, smelt faintly of dust and old curries, went all the way down to my knees and overhung my wrists even when I stretched out my arms. It had big, smelly pockets, crunchy with crumbs, it boasted the remnants of a waterproof sheen, was missing a few buttons, and had once been beige. It was the coat that detectives down the ages had worn while trailing a beautiful, dangerous, presumably blond suspect in the rain, the coat that no one noticed, shapeless, bland and grey - it suited my purpose perfectly.

— Kate Griffin

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

— Darynda Jones

Sally didn't waste any time getting Prentice up to speed. Mister Mikey says we can call Mrs. Evangahlala, Miss Bella and I'm doing the crunchy and smushy bits for dinner.

— Kristen Ashley

Sham Harga had run a successful eatery for many years by always smiling, never extending credit, and realizing that most of his customers wanted meals properly balanced between the four food groups: sugar, starch, grease, and burnt crunchy bits.

— Terry Pratchett

Nick gave a sharp nod. "Fair point". Rising, he stepped toward the desk and stole a chip off Marz's plate.
"Dude," Marz said, holding out his hands, "get your own crunchy goodness.

— Laura Kaye

Anyone who wants to offer me as mushy, earthy, crunchy a role as they can, I will probably take it. In real life, I cry at a drop of a hat, and I'm a mom, and I'm pretty mushy! We all have so many colors as actors that we want to show.

— Alysia Reiner

You'd eat a plate, and call it pleasantly crunchy.

— Shannon Hale

I like cookies, any cookie you put in front of me - animal cookies, sugar cookies, anything crunchy.

— Maria Shriver

My high-school papers, my college-application essays, read like Norman Mailer packed in a crunchy-peanut-butter sandwich.

— James Wolcott

Jelly beans! Millions and billions of purples and yellows and greens and licorice and grape and raspberry and mint and round and smooth and crunchy outside and soft-mealy inside and sugary and bouncing jouncing tumbling clittering clattering skittering fell on the heads and shoulders and hardhats and carapaces of the Timkin works, tinkling on the slidewalk and bouncing away and rolling about underfoot and filling the sky on their way down with all the colors of joy and childhood and holidays, coming down in a steady rain, a solid wash, a torrent of color and sweetness out of the sky from above, and entering a universe of sanity and metronomic order with quite-mad coocoo newness. Jelly beans!

— Harlan Ellison

I even ate chips because I love the crunchy sound they make. And I didn't give much thought to what I was eating or what I was putting inside my body, except hummus, of course, which is one of my weaknesses.

— Khloe Kardashian

I like crunchy things like Baked Lays.

— Lisa Ling

Who uses crunchy peanut butter?" he asked the room. "You might as well eat squirrel shit.

— Michael Thomas Ford

My favorite food in the world is Mexican food. I'm not a dessert person. I'm more of a crunchy, salty girl. I could live on chips and salsa. I would take a Mexican meal over some fancy French cuisine anytime.

— Michelle Pfeiffer

Drop your shrink and stop your drinkin', crunchy granola's neat.

— Neil Diamond

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