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Quotes About Credit

We have now learned that rashness and imprudence will not be deterred from taking credit; let us try whether fraud and avarice may be more easily restrained from giving it.
— Samuel Johnson —

God created Universe and gave credit to science.

— Sandeep Kakkar

Then this must be my answer: We know that the attributes of God are infinite and it has always seemed strange to me that men have never given Him credit for common sense. It is hard to believe that He would have created so beautiful a world if He had not decided men to enjoy it. Would He have given the stars their glory, the birds their sweet song, and the flowers, their fragrance if He had not wished us to delight in them? I shave sinned before men and men have condemned me. God made me a man with passions of a man, and did He give them to me only that I should suppress them? He gave me my adventurous spirit and my love of life. I have a humble hope that when I am face to face with my Maker He will condone my imperfections and I shall find mercy in His sight.

— W. Somerset Maugham

Real leaders don't care [about receiving credit]. If it's about your mission, about spreading the faith, about seeing something happen, not only do you not care about credit, you actually want other people to take credit ... There's no record of Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gandhi whining about credit. Credit isn't the point. Change is.

— Seth Godin

I always give Lindsay so much credit for her tennis game, for her attitude, for her person, and because of how she deals with all the things. I don't think people give her enough credit for how well she's doing.

— Martina Hingis

I fully credit my family for keeping me grounded and for putting me back in line whenever necessary.

— Camilla Belle

I don't think London has been given enough credit in a lot of the movies that we make here.

— Mel Smith

Once a nation parts with the control of its credit, it matters not who makes the laws.

— William Lyon Mackenzie King

I guess what I learned about myself is I'm a bit of a socialist; I want everyone on the set to get equal treatment and credit.

— Jennifer Westfeldt

The credit reporting system suffers from inaccuracy and often from outright injustice.

— Eric Schneiderman

It was very controversial actually, because basically, Lion In The Grass was also a course that you were receiving college credit for. So it was like he was taking a class, but then the class which also has a teacher and everything, was competing with bands that weren't in classes.

— Chris Baio

The drums have hogged a lot of the credit. We're as much
or more
*cymbal* players, as we are drummers.

— Peter Erskine

I'm not extravagant, so I won't need to rein it in too much. Me and my friend make each other cards. I love being creative and making things. But a better credit crunch idea is to not even bother sending cards.

— Konnie Huq

I like it when very little children think for themselves, because they do not have access to car keys or credit cards or crack pipes, but they have some really funny lines.

— Roseanne Barr

No. It is not acceptable that the 6 largest financial institutions in this country have assets of almost 10 trillion dollars, and issue half of the mortgages and two-thirds of the credit cards. That is too much wealth and power in the hands of a few. If Teddy Roosevelt were alive today he'd tell us to 'break them up.' And he'd be right. These huge banks must be broken up.

— Bernie Sanders

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