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Quotes About Complex Characters

Critics often say, Oh she makes films about strong women. Wrong; I make films about complex characters and the choices they make.
— Gillian Armstrong —

Of the contributions made during the essayist period three call for notice: Weismann deserves mention for his useful work in asking for the proof that "acquired characters" or, to speak more precisely, parental experience can really be transmitted to the offspring. The ocurrence of progressive adaptation by transmission of effects of use had seemed so natural to Darwin and his contemporaries that no proof of the physiological reality of the henomenon was thought necessary. Weismann's challenge revealed the utter inadequacy of the evidence on which the beliefs were based. They are doubtless isolated observations which may be interpreted as favouring the belief in these transmissions, but such meagre indications as exist are by general consent admitted to be too slight to be of much assistance in the attempt to understand how the more complex adaptive mechanisms arose.

— William Bateson

Kevin James Breaux Quotes: Sometimes i make my life a living hell
Sometimes I make my life a living hell by writing complex stories with complex characters. But I love it.

— Kevin James Breaux

People who read literary fiction (as opposed to popular fiction or nonfiction) were better able to detect another person's emotions, and the theory proposed was that literary fiction engages the reader in a process of decoding the characters' thoughts and motives in a way that popular fiction and nonfiction, being less complex, do not.

— Daniel J. Levitin

Yet in your stories, you must imagine all these things, not just because it will make the world of your story more complete, but also because the very completeness of the world will transform your story and make it far more truthful. As your characters move through a more complex world, they will have to respond with greater subtlety and flexibility; the constant surprises they run into will also surprise the reader - and you!

— Orson Scott Card

David Brooks Quotes: Her characters tend to err when they
Her characters tend to err when they reject the grubby and complex circumstances of everyday life for abstract and radical notions. They thrive when they work within the rooted spot, the concrete habit, the particular reality of their town and family.

— David Brooks

For the vision of a novelist is both complex and specialised; complex, because behind his characters and apart from them must stand something stable to which he relates them; specialised because since he is a single person with one sensibility the aspects of life in which he can believe with conviction are strictly limited

— Virginia Woolf

I totally respond to complex characters, and I'm not interested in anything too simple.

— Patrick Fischler

Pete Postlethwaite Quotes: I like playing characters that are
I like playing characters that are complex, that are intriguing, that come from left field, that do things that are unexpected. I don't like people who just follow one line and that's it - that's why I could never be in a sitcom, I don't think. They're not intriguing enough for me.

— Pete Postlethwaite

Eriq La Salle Quotes: Normally we see characters that have god
Normally, we see characters that have God complexes. How interesting, I thought, it would be to capitalize on that. And say, OK, well fine, you have a God complex, well this person has a Satan complex. And the doctor chooses to treat him scientifically.

— Eriq La Salle

Julie Kenner Quotes: I absolutely adore writing books with
I absolutely adore writing books with paranormal elements - and I love creating the often-complex worlds and/or plots that go along with those stories - but at the heart of all of that ,you have the characters, and when you get down to the core of it, it's spending the time with the characters that is what I truly love.

— Julie Kenner

I think you can always find interesting, complex and fascinating characters to play in different kinds of movies. It's in your hands.

— Anton Yelchin

Ruth Wilson Quotes: I love complex characters strong females
I love complex characters - strong females who are vulnerable but have a life and soul. That's what I'm drawn to and what I enjoy most.

— Ruth Wilson

As for dream roles, they usually just speak to you. I just crave complex characters.

— Kirsten Prout

I continue to be known as a guy that plays really complex, three-dimensional characters.

— Robert Knepper

Critics often say, 'Oh she makes films about strong women'. Wrong; I make films about complex characters and the choices they make.

— Gillian Armstrong

Sometimes people are like, 'Do you want to play strong women?' I don't have to play strong women in order to feel like a strong woman myself, but I do feel it's important to play characters that are complex and interesting and believable.

— Bryce Dallas Howard

Steve Buscemi Quotes: I just like playing interesting complex
I just like playing interesting, complex, complicated characters. I like films that also have an element of humor.

— Steve Buscemi

I always look for interesting, complex characters. You know, interesting, well-written material.

— Sam Underwood

I enjoy the writing process and producing; I enjoy seeing an idea come to fruition. I'm driven by very complex characters. You look at the pilot of 'Breaking Bad,' where there's so much depth to the character, you can't help but be invested when you watch.

— Sasha Roiz

A lot of the time, a moral compass is all that separates a hero from being a villain; otherwise, the two are very much the same. Both are generally the richest and most complex characters, and they get to have all the fun. I guess it's those types of roles that I ultimately gravitate towards.

— Ian Anthony Dale

Callie Khouri Quotes: I love to start characters in a place
I love to start characters in a place where you think you know them. We can make all kinds of assumptions about them and think they have no redeeming qualities, but like everyone, they're complex.

— Callie Khouri

My stories are pretty simplistic, but the characters are always complex and always right, and that comes from the script and my research and reverse-engineering what I find in the real world.

— Tony Scott

Every actor will tell you it's so much more fun to play the bad guy because usually those characters are more complex and more broad and more interesting, and have more sides to them.

— Michael Vartan

It's something that people relate to - and I hope my kid doesn't relate to - but there's a level of believability in playing complex characters. You know, Christopher Walken has done some hilarious comedies, De Niro. There's great room for complexity and darkness to do well in comedies.

— Jeremy Sisto

Plot is, I think, the good writer's last resort and the dullard's first choice. The story which results from it is apt to feel artificial and labored. I lean more heavily on intuition, and have been able to do that because my books tend to be based on situation rather than story. Some of the ideas which have produced those books are more complex than others, but the majority start out with the stark simplicity of a department store window display or a waxwork tableau. I want to put a group of characters (perhaps a pair; perhaps even just one) in some sort of predicament and then watch them try to work themselves free. My job isn't to help them work their way free, or manipulate them to safety-those are jobs which require the noisy jackhammer of plot-but to watch what happens and then write it down.

— Stephen King

Jason Isaacs Quotes: Look i play all these tough guys and
Look, I play all these tough guys and thugs and strong, complex characters. In real life, I am a cringing, neurotic Jewish mess. Can't I for once play that on stage?

— Jason Isaacs

There's something extremely rewarding about following characters that you like and knowing that there's as many hours of viewing as you have the appetite for. You can tell more complex stories; you can create more complex characters in the longer form.

— Jamie Bamber

My passion lies in amazing, complex characters and really well-written stuff - not to say I wouldn't want to do a comedy if the right comedy came along ... I'm an actor in Los Angeles, and I have a family I have to support.

— Michael Cudlitz

I first read 'The Lord of the Rings' as an adolescent. It's a dense novel, a sprawling, complex monster of a book populated with a prolific number of characters caught up in a narrative structure that, frankly, does not lend itself to conventional storytelling.

— Peter Jackson

I work very hard at creating complex characters, a mix of positives and negatives. They are all flawed. I believe flaws are almost universal, and they help us understand, sympathise and, paradoxically, feel closer to such characters.

— Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Sally Field Quotes: The opportunities ive had to play really
The opportunities I've had to play really complex characters - which haven't been a lot, but some - you never get over them.

— Sally Field

I give everything to my work, and I like complex roles, characters that aren't obvious. I've been very lucky so far, and I'm dreaming of working with directors like Jane Campion, Susanne Bier and the Dardennes. But the gods will decide.

— Eva Green

Adrian Tchaikovsky Quotes: The mirror empire is the most original
The Mirror Empire is the most original fantasy I've read in a long time, set in a world full of new ideas, expanding the horizons of the genre. A complex and intricate book full of elegant ideas and finely-drawn characters.

— Adrian Tchaikovsky

I enjoy bringing humanity to complex characters.

— Isaiah Washington

Lorraine Toussaint Quotes: I love characters that are very layered
I love characters that are very layered and complex. It's more exciting and different than any simple role- plus, I love a good challenge.

— Lorraine Toussaint

A writing teacher once told me that the most successful movies and books were simple plots about complex characters. You should be able to articulate your concept in a couple of lines.

— James Scott Bell

A letter is not a dialogue or even an omniscient exposition. It is a fabric of surfaces, a mask, a form as well suited to affectations as to the affections. The letter is, by its natural shape, self-justifying; it is one's own evidence, deposition, a self-serving testimony. In a letter the writer holds all the cards, controls everything about himself and about those assertions he wishes to make concerning events or the worth of others. For completely self-centered characters, the letter form is a complex and rewarding activity.

— Elizabeth Hardwick

Margot Livesey Quotes: In the care and management of lies the
In The Care and Management of Lies the wonderfully talented Winspear writes irresistibly about the First World War, both in the trenches of France and the fields of England. Her richly complex characters walk right off the page and into our imaginations, as we fight with them, farm with them, cook with them. I devoured this dazzling novel.

— Margot Livesey

I love female-driven drama, and those kinds of characters. I really love complex women.

— Anna Silk

Krys Lee has written a book of unforgettable stories, each one building on the other to create a complex, moving portrait of contemporary Korea and its diaspora. She guides us surely through the fallout of war, immigration, and financial crisis, always alert to the possibility of tenderness, transcendence, and even humor along the way. Lee is a writer who really understands loneliness, but her voice is so appealing, and her perceptions so wise, that we feel all the less lonely for knowing her characters and experiencing their lives.

— Sarah Shun-lien Bynum

Brian Grazer Quotes: Were interested in complex characters
We're interested in complex characters and he's a complex character, [ J. Edgar] Hoover. I like these types of dramas. I've made a few of them and I'm also interested in power structures so it just has elements that fascinate me, and the more you learn about Hoover, the more polarizing you realize he is.

— Brian Grazer

I personally kind of yearn to play characters who are complex and who strike a truthful chord in me and who are challenged in some way and, I guess, who kind of move through those challenges.

— Toni Collette

Kit Williamson Quotes: I think its really important to depict
I think it's really important to depict complex, flawed LGBT characters, because we are all connected by our humanity.

— Kit Williamson

Judith Barrington Quotes: My family and other saints echoes gerald
My Family and Other Saints echoes Gerald Durrell's classic memoir, My Family and Other Animals, not only in its title, but in its wonderful humor and lyrical prose. Like Durrell, Kirin Narayan takes the reader to a fascinating world far from our own, and brings to life its myriad sights, sounds and smells, while revealing the profound cultural beliefs of its people. India is just the most complex character among a cast of characters-family members, gurus, hippies, and neighbors-all of whom I now count as old friends.

— Judith Barrington

David Brin Quotes: Seldom does a storytelling talent come
Seldom does a storytelling talent come along as potent and fully mature as Mike Brotherton. His complex characters take you on a voyage that is both fiercely credible and astonishingly imaginative. This is Science Fiction.

— David Brin

I like to play complex characters and the duality, and trying to reach for the light, it's more interesting really. I've gotten to play so many types of guys and I just try to find the humanity in each one of them the best I can.

— Forest Whitaker

Both Proust and Joyce record the ways in which human perspectives can be transformed. In Portrait, Stephen Dedalus is constantly undergoing epiphanies, but their effects are transitory: the new synthetic complex quickly falls apart. Proust's characters, by contrast, often achieve lasting changes of perspective.

— Philip Kitcher

I suppose that the sympathetic/unsympathetic debate about characters sometimes feels to me like a misstatement of purpose. I always think of truly complex characters are falling between the cracks in that debate.

— Rick Moody

Marge Piercy Quotes: I never thought of myself as explaining
I never thought of myself as explaining cats in general. I simply viewed the cats I have known as characters in my life, often as quirky and complex as the humans with whom I have spent time.

— Marge Piercy

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