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I found many treasures in the woods over the years: shotgun shells, empty Colt 45 bottles, old railroad spikes, orange and black beetles eating a dead mouse, pebbles that looked just like teeth, old stone walls and cellar holes, a rusted out frying pan, the skull of a cat.
— Jennifer McMahon —

Lucky!" she shouted. The creature pulled up and pranced excitedly before her, front hooves pawing at the ground. Laughing with happiness, Kelley flung her arms around the kelpie and buried her face in his mane. Lucky nuzzled her shoulder and head-butted at her in delight.
Besides Sonny, Fennrys gestured with his good arm. "Isn't that ... ?"
"The Roan Horse, Harbinger of the Wild Hunt and Fearsome Bringer of Doom. Yeah" Sonny nodded. "Used to be."
"Thought so." Lucky kicked up his back hooves like a frolicking colt, and Fennrys snorted is disgust. "Evil really needs to step up its game.

— Lesley Livingston

It doesn't sound very safe." - Colt
"We're breaking into a company owned by aliens who want to wipe humans off the map. It's not supposed to be safe." - Oz
"I guess you have a point." - Colt

— Jon S. Lewis

Don't do anything stupid." - Oz
"Like what?" - Colt
"I don't know, but whatever it is, don't do it." - Oz

— Jon S. Lewis

The Colt rested in her lap. "You better wake up in the morning, Mr. Latimer because I don't want to have to explain a dead man in my cabin to the sheriff."
-Emma in "Emma of Crooked Creek

— MK McClintock

If God didn't make men equal, Samuel Colt did.

— Colt

As the saying goes: God made man and woman; Colonel Colt made them equal.

— Ann Coulter

He was born in fury and he lived in lightning. Tom came headlong into life. He was a giant in joy and enthusiasms. He didn't discover the world and its people, he created them. When he read his father's books, he was the first. He lived in a world shining and fresh and as uninspected as Eden on the sixth day. His mind plunged like a colt in a happy pasture, and when later the world put up fences, he plunged against the wire, and when the final stockade surrounded him, he plunged right through it and out. And as he was capable of giant joy, so did he harbor huge sorrow.

— John Steinbeck

Bacon! Colt loved bacon.

— Kindle Alexander

One very important thing he learned tonight ... Colt Michaels had indeed noticed him, just like he'd noticed Colt. As it turned out, they had watched each other for years, but neither had said a word.

— Kindle Alexander

You done a number on him, Colt. He needs a doctor, or he ain't gonna make it." "He tried to rape her, Split. Then he punched her." "To be fair," Nell puts in, "he only punched me after I put a knife to his throat." Split coughs a laugh. "You what? Girl, you crazy.

— Jasinda Wilder

He was hearing Stevie Nicks singing in his head when Colt fell asleep in the bed, in the house, with the woman at his side that life meant him to have. After waiting for forty-four years, for the fifth night in a row, Alexander Colton was finally living the life he was meant to be living.

— Kristen Ashley

Colt was pleased they'd chosen a closed casket. It was an occupational hazard that he'd seen more death than most and it was never pretty. Dead, was dead, it was unattractive, no matter who did the makeup or what outfit you chose and how much satin lined the casket. Colt thought viewing a dead body at a funeral home was one last but forced, indignity and he hated it.

— Kristen Ashley

Colt knew he didn't have to remind Sully but he did it all the same. "He fucked his wife pretending he was me and pretending she was February." "I could see that'd make you impatient for us to find him.

— Kristen Ashley

You are a stupid fucking woman, Emily Colt. Just like all your kind.
I know you hate Americans, but
I never said I hated Americans, Sergei spat. I said your kind. Women. It doesn't matter to me what country you're from. You women are fucking stupid, and I'm tired of saving you. All of you.

— Allie Burke

His gaze moved from her face to the gun, then back to her face, an annoyingly smug expression creeping across his features. "I don't think so. You ain't got the first notion how to shoot that thing. Can't even find the trigger, can you." He took a menacing step toward her. Nicole raised her left brow. "You mean this trigger?" She cocked the hammer of the Colt Paterson revolver and released the folding trigger mechanism. Will stopped. "You forget, Will Jenkins-I'm a Renard. Daughter of Anton Renard and granddaughter to Henri Renard, privateer and compatriot of Jean Lafitte himself. I know a thing or two about weapons.

— Karen Witemeyer

A circle drawn on a blackboard, a right triangle, a rhombus
all these are forms we can fully intuit; Ireneo could do the same with the stormy mane of a young colt, a small herd of cattle on a mountainside, a flickering fire and its uncountable ashes, and the many faces of a dead man at a wake. I have no idea how many stars he saw in the sky.

— Jorge Luis Borges

I've been a Colt for almost all of my adult life, but I guess in life, and in sports, we all know nothing lasts forever. Times change, circumstances change, and that's the reality of playing in the NFL.

— Peyton Manning

The guy's name was Colt.
Colt, said Thebes. Like a baby, male horse?
I guess, said the guy, or a gun.
Well, which do you prefer? she said.
What do you mean? he asked.
Like, how do you prefer to think of yourself? As a baby, male horse?
No, he said, he didn't really like to think of himself that way.
Well, then, as a gun? she said.
No, not really, he said. He preferred basically not to think of himself at all.

— Miriam Toews

He cupped her face and forced her to see him. She had to see past her fear. Her eyes met his and he knew they were together. "Watch me. Don't look at them or anything else. Watch me until I motion for you, then run for the car as fast as you can." Once more, he did not hesitate. He jerked open the door, set up fast on the man in the drive, and fired the Colt twice. He reset on the man coming across the yard. Pike doubled on each man's center of mass so quickly the four shots sounded like two-baboomba-boom-then he ran to the center of the front yard. He saw no more men, so he waved out the girl. "Go.

— Robert Crais

Fear not, daughter Zion," Stephen whispered. "See, your king is coming, seated on a donkey's colt ... " He spun to me, eyes flashing. "This is written of the Anointed One, in the book of Zechariah. You see, it is him! He orchestrates this with intention!

— Ted Dekker

Now standing in one corner of a boxing ring with a .22 caliber Colt automatic pistol, shooting a bullet weighing only 40 grains and with a striking energy of 51 foot pounds at 25 feet from the muzzle, I will guarantee to kill either Gene Tunney or Joe Louis before they get to me from the opposite corner. This is the smallest caliber pistol cartridge made; but it is also one of the most accurate and easy to hit with, since the pistol has no recoil. I have killed many horses with it, cripples and bear baits, with a single shot, and what will kill a horse will kill a man. I have hit six dueling silhouettes in the head with it at regulation distance in five seconds. It was this type of pistol that Millen boys' colleague, Abe Faber, did all his killings with. Yet this same pistol bullet fired at point blank range will not dent a grizzly's skull, and to shoot a grizzly with a .22 caliber pistol would simply be one way of committing suicide

— Ernest Hemingway

The rifle and the pistol are still the equalizer when one man is more of a man than another, and if ... he is really smart ... he will get a permit to carry one and then drop around to Abercrombie and Fitch and buy himself a .22 caliber Colt automatic pistol, 'Woodsman model', with a five-inch barrel and a box of shells. I advise him to get lubricated hollow points to avoid jams and to ensure a nice expansion on the bullet. He might even get several boxes and practice a little ...

— Ernest Hemingway

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