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Quotes About Clay

But you are not your bank account, or your ambition. Youre not the cold clay lump you leave behind when you die. Youre not your collection of walking personality disorders. You are Spirit, you are love, and even though it is hard to believe sometimes, you are free. Youre here to love, and be loved, freely. If you find out next week that you are terminally ill - and were all terminally ill on this bus - what will matter are memories of beauty, that people loved you, and that you loved them.
— Anne Lamott —

Had I known but yesterday what I know today,
I'd have taken out your two gray eyes
And put in eyes of clay;
And had I known but yesterday you'd be no more my own
I'd have taken out your heart of flesh
And put in one of stone

— Tam Lin Neville

People just need a little help because they are so used to not loving. It's like scoring the clay to make another piece of clay stick to it.

— Miranda July

What you repeatedly do carries the clay to mold you into who you eventually become. Don't despise any tiny minute of the day; each counts so much!

— Israelmore Ayivor

Later, Maester Luwin built a little pottery boy and dressed him in Bran's clothes and flung him off the wall into the yard below, to demonstrate what would happen to Bran if he fell. That had been fun, but afterward Bran just looked at the maester and said, I'm not made of clay. And anyhow, I never fall.

— George R.R. Martin

Did you know that bone china had real bones in it?" Poppy said, tapping a porcelain cheek. "Her clay was made from human bones. Little-girl bones. That hair threaded through the scalp is the little girl's hair. And the body of the doll is filled with her leftover ashes.

— Holly Black

She wasn't clay in the hands of others; she was rock, and with her own determined hands, she could sculpt the person that she wanted to be.

— Dean Koontz

I like the concentration, the crush; I like working with language, as others like working with clay, or notes.

— Gwendolyn Brooks

Films and life are like clay, waiting for us to mold it. And when you trust your own insides and that becomes achievement, it's a kind of principle that seems to me is at work with everyone. God bless that principle. God bless that potential that we all have for making anything possible if we think we deserve it.

— Shirley Maclaine

Immortality-dazzling idea! who first imagined thee! Was it some jolly burgher of Nuremburg, who with night-cap on his head, and white clay pipe in mouth, sat on some pleasant summer evening before his door, and reflected in all his comfort, that it would be right pleasant, if, with unextinguishable pipe, and endless breath, he could thus vegetate onwards for a blessed eternity? Or was it a lover, who in the arms of his loved one, thought the immortality-thought, and that because he could think and feel naught beside!-Love! Immortality!

— Heinrich Heine

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