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Quotes About Civilised

Now that their long war was over, they could get on with the proper concern of all civilised nations, which is to prepare for the next one.
— Terry Pratchett —

Conscience is just a polite word for cowardice. No civilised man regrets a pleasure.

— Lord Henry Wotton

To realise the relative validity of one's convictions and yet stand for them unflinchingly is what distinguishes a civilised man from a barbarian.

— Isaiah Berlin

Week of taverns soon qualified him for another year of night-cellars. Such was the life of Savage, of Boyse, and of a crowd of others. Sometimes blazing in gold-laced hats and waistcoats; sometimes lying in bed because their coats had gone to pieces, or wearing paper cravats because their linen was in pawn; sometimes drinking Champagne and Tokay with Betty Careless; sometimes standing at the window of an eating-house in Porridge island, to snuff up the scent of what they could not afford to taste; they knew luxury; they knew beggary; but they never knew comfort. These men were irreclaimable. They looked on a regular and frugal life with the same aversion which an old gipsy or a Mohawk hunter feels for a stationary abode, and for the restraints and securities of civilised communities. They were as untameable, as much wedded to their desolate freedom, as the wild ass.

— Samuel Johnson

We in the House of Lords are never in touch with public opinion. That makes us a civilised body.

— Oscar Wilde

We now lay in towns, where nobody troubled us with questions; we had floated into civilised life, where people pass without salutation.

— Robert Louis Stevenson

I've been on jobs like that before, everyone stuck on the money not the work, watching their backs every minute. Bad for your health and your business. We'll do this civilised, or not at all. What do you say?
"I say civilised," said Shenkt. "For pity's sake, let's kill like honest men.

— Joe Abercrombie

A civilised man is someone who has discovered something more satisfying than combat.

— John Keegan

The Germans, in the age of Tacitus, were unacquainted with the use of letters; and the use of letters is the principal circumstance that distinguishes a civilised people from a herd of savages incapable of knowledge or reflection. Without that artificial help, the human memory soon dissipates or corrupts the ideas intrusted to her charge; and the nobler faculties of the mind, no longer supplied with models or with materials, gradually forget their powers; the judgment becomes feeble and lethargic, the imagination languid or irregular.

— Edward Gibbon

When we get civilised, I believe children will go by number until they get old enough to choose their own names.

— Myrtle Reed

Now that their long war was over, they could get on with the proper concern of all civilised nations, which is to prepare for the next one.

— Terry Pratchett

Any outlaw regime that has ties to terrorist groups or seeks to possess weapons of mass destruction is a grave danger to the civilised world and will be confronted.

— George W. Bush

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