Quotes About Civil Rights

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Quotes About Civil Rights

Todays decision affirms what we all know to be true — the U.S. Constitution guarantees the basic civil rights of all Americans, not just some. Utahs ban on marriage equality does nothing to strengthen or protect any marriage. Instead, it singles out thousands of loving Utah families for unfair treatment simply because of who they are. Our Constitution does not allow for such blatant discrimination.
— Chad Griffin —

You can't rise as a class. You have to rise individually. It's what many of the civil rights-era people don't understand.

— Alphonso Jackson

I had thought about becoming a civil rights lawyer, but I gave it up.

— Kate Thompson

I don't think the riots derailed the civil rights movement.

— Henry Louis Gates

Michael Jackson is an accidental civil rights leader - an accidental pioneer. He broke ground and barriers in so many different realms in artistry, in pictures, in movies, in music, you name it.

— Don Lemon

Gays and lesbians began to gain civil rights when Americans realized that their brothers, cousins, daughters were gay.

— Nicholas Kristof

I'm often accused of hiring people with civil rights experience, and I do plead guilty to that.

— Thomas Perez

If Barack Obama now, or some black person in the future, should become president, neither Jesse Jackson nor Al Sharpton would be out of a job. A black president can't end black misery; a black president can't be a civil rights leader or primarily a crusader for racial justice.

— Michael Eric Dyson

This is Not Another Revolution. This is a Civil Rights Movement

— Hamid Dabashi

Silver rights aren't as dramatic and captivating as civil rights. The movement isn't good TV and it's boring or inaccessible to many people. The forums were created to spread awareness, dialogue, and community to forge new partnerships and ideas.

— John Hope Bryant

The government has created a nation of paper criminals. People can be put in jail and lose civil rights and liberties through bureaucratic procedures.The only thing that is keeping you out of jail is government goodwill.

— Ayn Rand

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