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Quotes About Cities Changing

Whose truth do you want to know, Dr. Amin Jaafari? The truth of a Bedouin who thinks hes free and clear because hes got an Israeli passport? The truth of a serviceable Arab per excellence whos honored wherever he goes, who gets invited to fancy parties by people who want to show how tolerant and considerate they are? The truth of someone who thinks he can change sides like changing a shirt, with no trace left behind? Is that the truth youre looking for, or is it the one youre running away from? What planet do you live on, sir? ... Our cities are being buried by machines on caterpillar tracks, our patron saints dont know which way to turn, and you, simply because youre nice and warm in your golden cage, refuse to see the inferno consuming us.
— Yasmina Khadra —

Things were changing; I was changing. All swelling limbs and sweating brain, suddenly I had more body than I knew what to do with. Arms and legs became the prey of low desktops and narrow corridors, were ambushed by sharp corners. Mr Baxter ignored my plight. Bodies were inimical to mathematics, or so we were led to believe. Bad hair, acrid breath, lumpy skin, all vanished for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday. Young minds in the buff soared into the sphere of pure reason. Pages turned to parallelograms; cities, circumferences; recipes, ratios. Shorn of our bearings, we groped our way around in this rarefied air.

— Daniel Tammet

The most interesting of the classic movie genres to me are the indigenous ones: the Western, which was born on the Frontier, the Gangster Film, which originated in the East Coast cities, and the Musical, which was spawned by Broadway. They remind me of jazz: they allowed for endless, increasingly complex, sometimes perverse variations. When these variations were played by the masters, they reflected the changing times; they gave you fascinating insights into American culture and the American psyche.

— Martin Scorsese

One of the defining features of the Anthropocene is that the world is changing in ways that compel species to move, and another is that it's changing in ways that create barriers-roads, clear-cuts, cities-that prevent them from doing so.

— Elizabeth Kolbert

The composition of our society has been changing. We [world] are becoming a more urban population. Mega-cities, those with more than 10 million residents, are booming.

— Hari Sreenivasan

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